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Donate your old hearing aids to charity

I was tidying out some drawers the other day and I found my old hearing aids. I have some Siemens ITCs and two pairs of Starkey ITEs – I’m sure I also have at least one pair of BTEs somewhere but they didn’t turn up. My first thought was to throw them into the bin with the rest of the stuff from the drawer but I remembered reading something somewhere about charities that recycle old hearing aids and give them to people who aren’t able to own a new pair.

Even though some of these aids are very old they are still in good working order so I might as well let someone else benefit from them. A quick Google showed that the Starkey Hearing Foundation are running a recycling scheme. Starkey’s Hear Now webpage has an address for postal hearing aid donations. This same page also has an application form should you wish to receive a donated aid. They are also looking for hearing professionals who could volunteer their time and expertise to help with the fitting and follow up of Hear Now clients.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any schemes like Starkey’s Hear Now that are running in the UK. This is a shame. If you know of any such UK scheme then please add a comment and I’ll link to them. Thanks.

UPDATE 11/09/09

I wrote the above some time ago. Since then I have started a site called Hearing Aid Market that allows people to sell give and buy hearing aids online. If you have a hearing aid to donate then you should definitely check it out.

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  1. Do you keep a set of back-up hearing aids? I’m always terrified that one of my aids will give out on a weekend when my audiologist’s office is closed and I absolutely HAVE TO HEAR for an event.


  2. That’s a good suggestion. My friends and I all use aids. We have some old and broken aids, but where to denote them?

    Vist my blog

  3. I stumbled across your hearing aid donation quandary as I’m in the same boat. Help the Aged had a Hearing Aid Appeal earlier this year but I can’t track down whether it’s still going…
    Hearing Aid Appeal
    Help The Aged
    Freepost Lon-13616
    Alternatively, this Lions group (pride?) have collected and distributed over 5000 hearing aids. E-mail contact details on…
    Good luck!

  4. Postscript: Here’s some more detail – it looks as though Hasting Lions are national coordinators…



  5. @Cindy

    I will definitely keep a pair as a back-up. I’ve been lucky in that I have never had a pair of hearing aids break on me (hope I haven’t jinxed it by writing that!).

  6. @Paul

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check out that link and update the main article. Thanks.

  7. U can donate hearing aids to your hometown Lions club.

  8. I have your site for its useful and funny content and simple design.

  9. One more note – everyone always thinks there is help for people – there’s an organization out there, there’s this group or that place to get help. Taking care of my elderly parents, I’ve found, unless I want them to be wards of the state, which I do not, there IS NO ONE. There never is. I’ve applied for countless things and been told to call a number of people. At the end of the day… we are still alone and unaided. So – if you run across someone who needs help – don’t wait for the Red Cross or Catholic Charities or a government agency to help them – DON’T ASSUME ANYONE WILL HELP THEM. DO IT YOURSELF.

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  11. hi,i am currently starting my own agency and event managment business here in s.a, from this i would love to donate to this cause as it will enable others to hear.Please email me,with more information and how i could be part of this.
    Kind regards

  12. im looking for a pair of bte hearing aids donated money is tight and i dont have medical to pay for them because i lost it at the age of 18 i have a pair i wear on ocassion but i need new ear moulds fitted because mine hurt and cant hear without them if anybody has anything they want to donated please let me know

  13. My elderly father is in need of 2 hearing aides. He is financialy destitute and hoping someone can guide me in the right direction to get them discounted or some aide or any donations.

    Please help my father…thank you

  14. Erick and Christina,

    Have a look at Hearing Aid Market – there are quite a few people posting second hand hearing aids on there for reduced prices and, in some cases, for free.


    You could also try getting in touch with your local Lions Club and The Starkey Foundation.

    Good luck!

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