A New Way To Buy Hearing Aids

Why should you pay for services that you don't want? Well one of our trusted hearing aid centres in Leicester have been asking themselves that question for a while. They understand that modern hearing aid users are different and they want different things. Now they have decided to offer a completely different way to buy hearing aids. One where you choose the package you want, even better, one where you can save money by not paying for the services you don't want.

Hearing Aid Prices Leicester

In a recent article Hear4u in Leicester announced that they had completely changed how they would offer hearing aids. Hear4u is owned and run by Sam and Ben Bennett. The business is a family run Independent hearing aid service with two main branches and centres across the East Midlands. They said that they came to realise that modern hearing aid users were different. Demanding different things and with very different needs than the traditional user. So they decided that their business should ensure that it catered to this new type of customer. 

Hear4u Leicester

Hearing Aid Price Packages

They have now introduced four different hearing aid price packages, different prices and levels of service for all of the best hearing aids. For instance, you just want the hearing aid fitted and limited start off service? You got it with the Just The Hearing Aids package at a 20% discount of their standard price list. You prefer the more traditional type of service, with a couple of years of care thrown in? No problem, the standard package is for you. You want a service that provides the highest level of concierge hearing care? Well then the Ultimate package will knock your socks off. 

Hearing Aid Purchase Only

20% off Price List

  • The Hearing Aids
  • Free Hearing Test
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 2 Packs of Batteries
  • 2 Packs of Wax Traps
  • 2 Service Visits
  • Home Visit if needed £90
  • Ear Wax Removal if needed £80
  • Replacement Receivers £45
  • Hearing Aid Loan £45 for 1, £60 for 2 pw

The Standard Care Package

Price List Cost

    • The Hearing Aids
    • Free Hearing Test
    • 4 Year Guarantee
    • 1 Years Batteries FREE
    • 1 Years Wax Traps FREE
    • First Year Service Visits
    • Up To 4 Home Visit Free First Year
    • Ear Wax Removal £10 off
    • 1 Free Replacement Receiver per aid per year
    • Hearing Aid Loan £15 for 1, £20 for 2 pw
    • Annual Service Cost £80
    • Annual Service Costs Discounted From Next Aid

The Ultimate Care Package

£200 Off The Price List

  • The Hearing Aids
  • Free Hearing Test
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • All Batteries Included in Cost
  • All Wax Traps Included in Cost
  • All Service Visits Included in Cost
  • All Home Visits Included in Cost
  • Ear Wax Removal Included in Cost
  • All Replacement Receivers Included in Cost
  • Hearing Aid Loan Included in Cost of Package
  • Service £20 for one aid, £25 for two aids per month
  • 10% Discount of Next Hearing Aids

A Changing Business

The hearing healthcare business is changing across the world, Sam and Ben see it as their job to keep abreast of the change and to innovate to meet their customer's needs. They think that offering a different way to buy hearing aids will meet the needs of many of the customers they are now seeing. For us, it makes sense, why pay for something you don't want?

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