Hearing Aids, Earwax Removal & Hearing Healthcare Across The UK & Ireland

Our mission is to offer clear, honest advice on hearing care, earwax removal and hearing aids across the UK. We have extensive experience with both the hearing aid profession (Hearing Aid Dispensers) and the hearing aid industry (Manufacturers) . We want to make this experience and knowledge available to you. We will provide information on Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals and the hearing aids and hearing care they provide across the UK and Ireland

The Hearing Healthcare Information You Need

“The information you need to make informed decisions about your hearing”

Hearing well makes a massive difference to our lives and our well being, something that we don't realise until we have a problem. We believe that everyone should have the pleasure of hearing well and the benefits it brings to their lives. 

We have extensive experience within the hearing profession, one of us as a customer and the other as both a hearing professional and a sales manager in a hearing aid manufacturer. We want to share our knowledge in order that people with hearing loss can be equipped with the information they need to make good decisions about their hearing and their treatment. 

We also have extensive experience with Independent hearing professionals across the UK and Ireland, we want to share our knowledge of them, their commitment to delivering the best hearing aids and the best care. We think that they should be rewarded for their ethos and ideals and you need the information about professionals who are committed to their customers.


Helping You Understand Hearing Aids

Simple Honest Advice

The amount of information available around hearing aids can be confusing, technology levels and features can be hard to decipher. We offer simple, clear and easy to understand information about the features and the benefits you can expect

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Microsuction earwax removal

What is Microsuction Earwax & Why Does it Matter?

Many Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals are offering Microsuction earwax removal, but what is it and why would it be better than other forms of ear cleaning?

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Hearing Test Consultation

Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Independent hearing healthcare professionals

Finding the right hearing healthcare professional is important to the outcome of the process. Hearing aids are not like glasses, you can't just put them on and get on with it

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Hearing Aids

The latest hearing aids from the best hearing aid brands across the UK

Widex hearing aids
Widex Hearing Aids

The latest Widex Hearing Aids including the Unique Range

Unitron Hearing Aids
Unitron Hearing Aids

The latest Unitron Hearing Aids including the North Range

Starkey hearing aids
Starkey Hearing Aids

The latest Starkey Hearing Aids including the Made For iPhone Range

ReSound Hearing Aids
ReSound Hearing Aids

The latest Resound Hearing Aids including the Linx2 Range

Oticon Hearing Aids
Oticon Hearing Aids

The latest Oticon Hearing Aids including the Brain Hearing Technology

Siemens Hearing Aids
Siemens Hearing Aids

The latest Siemens Hearing Aids including the Binax Technology Range

Bernafon Hearing Aids
Bernafon Hearing Aids

The latest Bernafon Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids
Phonak Hearing Aids

The latest Phonak Hearing Aids including the Venture Range

Hearing Tests

Looking For Hearing Aids or A Hearing Test?

We can arrange a consultation with a trusted Independent hearing healthcare professional in your area

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Latest News & Information From Our Blog

The Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2016

Sometimes I giggle, I know I shouldn't but it strikes me as so incongrous, the questions are always about the little ones, you know the invisible ones in your ear? Honestly sometimes I imagine it is like buying a top shelf magazine in a 70s newsagent, yes, you know that one, I only read it for the articles! Anyway, enough about reminiscing about the un-needed embarrassment felt by some, let's talk about invisible hearing aids.

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Widex introduces new Unique Fashion Mini

Widex is introducing a new Mini BTE which will be the replacement for their iconic M, not before time either. The new device is almost as discreet as the M was but with some nice new additions and two new easywear earware thin tube configurations.

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So what exactly is smart hearing?

The phrase Smart Hearing has been coined over the last few years. It usually relates to GN Resound hearing aids, specifically the Made For iPhone devices. However, the term can cover many of the most modern hearing aids available from the biggest manufacturers. For the purpose of this article though, we will really concentrate on the Resound hearing aids.

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