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What everybody ought to know about hearing loss

A list of things that everyone with hearing loss needs to know. Useful for those having problems with their hearing ...

Digital hearing aids

What is a digital hearing aid? What does it do and how does it work? What is a digital hearing aid? Very ...

Buying your first hearing aid

If you are not hearing as much as you would like and you think you may benefit from a hearing ...

Understanding an audiogram (hearing test results)

An audiogram is a record of a hearing test. In other words, it is a graph that shows how well a person can hear different types of sounds. It is used to determine if a person has a hearing loss, and if so, how bad that loss is. The audiogram above is empty, no test […]

turn it off and on again – a quick fix for hearing aid problems

If you’ve ever phoned a computer support helpline or asked your company’s I.T. support team for help then you’ve probably heard these immortal words: “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” It’s become a bit of a joke but it actually works and solves many computer problems. A computer has two types […]

The longest anyone can bear Earth’s quietest place is 45 minutes

Orfield Labrotories in Minnesota have built an anechoic chamber that is so quiet that no-one can bear to be inside for more than 45 minutes. It has entered into the Guiness Book Of World Records as officially the quietest place on earth – tests measured background noise in the chamber as -9.4 dBA. Yes, that’s […]

The technology that might be powering your next hearing aid (and making it cost less)

On Semiconductor have released two new DSPs, with the aim of lowering manufacturing costs of both high-end and low-end hearing aids. The R3920 and R3110 are new additions to their RHYTHM range of products. A DSP (or Digital Signal Processor) is the microchip inside a hearing aid that converts incoming sounds to allow you to hear them more […]

Wear: an assistive hearing device being funded through Kickstarter

Wear is an assistive device designed to improve quality of life for people with hearing loss. Wear is a high fidelity directional analog microphone that is significantly lower in price than existing hearing aids. This microphone can be used with any pair of headphones, has a volume control, is rechargeable, and comfortable to wear. Wear […]

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for Bluetooth hearing aids

When you want the latest and greatest in hearing aid technology, Bluetooth is a must-have feature. Bluetooth allows hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with other devices, including the hearing aid in your other ear, your computer, television, cell phone and digital music player. Picking the best Bluetooth hearing aid requires some attention to detail as […]

What breed of dog makes the best hearing dog?

I’d always assumed that bigger breeds of dog were used as Hearing Dogs, probably because our own dog (a west highland terrier) is a law unto himself and when I’m out walking him it always seems like the bigger dogs are better behaved. According to the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People charity the best hearing […]

Unitron’s Flex:trial takes some of the risk out of buying a hearing aid

Unitron introduced their Flex:trial hearing aid in October 2012 and it looks set to make the hearing aid buying process a little less painful. Everyone knows that hearing aids are expensive and people looking to buy are often put off by the big outlay. There has always been a problem with being able to try before […]