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Possible financial help for hearing aids?

Americans are coming together in a campaign to encourage Congress to pass a federal tax credit to help people buy hearing aids.

To help organize the effort to have Congress pass the legislation, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) has launched a new Web site (www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org). An excellent resource and tool for those concerned about the needs of people with hearing loss, it reaches out to adults 55+ and to parents of children with hearing loss and helps to ensure that their voices are heard in Washington.

The Web site underscores BHI’s vital role as the “Advocates for America’s Ears.” “Nearly two out of three adults with hearing loss cite financial constraints as a core reason that they do not wear hearing aids,” said BHI Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D. “With the hearing aid assistance tax credit, boomers, seniors, and parents of children would have the financial boost they need to get their hearing loss treated. These people are the reason that Congress needs to step up and take action. The legislation will play a critical role in attaining one of the goals of the federal government’s ‘Healthy People 2010,’ which is to increase the number of people with hearing loss who use hearing aids. The tax credit is the most cost-effective means to achieve this critical goal.” To learn more, visit www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org.

Up to $500 per hearing aid, the tax credit will help boomers, seniors, and parents of children with hearing loss buy the hearing aids they need. About 40 percent of the people who need hearing aids but do not own them, according to a recent Better Hearing Institute national study, are more likely to purchase them in the near future if the tax credit were available.

With hearing loss affecting more than 30 million Americans, or one in every 10 people, you most likely know someone with a hearing loss. And in today’s difficult economy, many of these people are finding the costs of hearing aids beyond their reach. While hearing aids could benefit 95 percent of people with a hearing loss, not everyone can afford the average $1,800 cost for each hearing aid fitting, treatment and follow-up. And most medical insurance plans do not reimburse their members for purchases of hearing aids.

To learn more, visit www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org.

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  1. I have been wearing my both two hearing aids for 42 years. I am profound deaf since birth. The goverment pay new hearing aids for me becuase my father was military. It always was free. Until now, I cannot afford an expansive digital hearing aids. It cost me $2,000 per each! I am not rich… I am poor not enough to meet the budget. Many deaf communtiy CANNOT afford for that! the most Insurance companies won’t be cover to pay it for everyone as deaf community. Our deaf community are NOT happy. Not fair for us… WE WANT THE DIGITAL HEARING AIDS FOR FREE!!!

    Thank you,

  2. My audiologist believes that I would be better able to hear better in meetings and large groups if I had digital hearing aids. I am not willing to spend between $1200.00 and $2000.00 apiece for new aids. With a tax credit, I would go ahead and spend the money.

  3. As a bi-lateral hearing impaired professional, I find that the replacement of hearing aids every 5 years can be prohibitively expensive at $4-$5,000 for two hearing aids. I support any legislation for tax credit. Visual people get breaks on eyeglasses but hearing impaired NEVER get breaks on hearing aids. I personally think that $500 per aid is too low, perhaps $1000 tax credit should be suggested as a real incentive for both manufacturers and buyers of aids for competitive markets and lower prices….

  4. I have been hearing impaired since birth, I have worn hearing aides since I was years old. I just turned 40 so I am not old enough to qualify for senior discounts or aide. The current pair of hearing aides that I have were made back in 96′ and I am in need of new ones. It would be nice to hear my wife & daughter clearly for a change.

    A $500 tax credit for new hearing aides is a joke. A good set now a days runs around $5,000 and the top of the line digital hearing aides can run as much as $9,000 for a pair. The best insurance coverage that I have seen is maybe 20% off. The excuse that I have gotten most from insurance companies is that hearing instruments are not a “durable medical device” well neither are glasses. Even with a tax credit where am I to come up with the $2,000-5,000 needed for a decent pair of hearing aides. Something better can and should be set up to help those with limited means to get the help we need. We did not ask to be hearing impaired and why should we suffer through not being able to hear our loved ones when there is help.

    You can give billions to banks and finical companies that lost millions because of greed yet you won’t help those who just want to hear.


    Bryan Fugate

  5. I’m 33 years old and im going deff due to beatings to my head from my frist husband i took it in the head for three years. now im going deft in my left ear and my right one is catching up, thay told me i need the digital one as well . im not rich eather i live paycheck to paycheck and now ive been laid off .
    The price for the ones i need is $4,460.00. well that kind of money dont grow on trees were im from.
    in a crowed i cant hear i then haft to go to lip reading . me and my secound husband of 14 years can be in bed in the other room and i cant hear the phone ring or any thing out side. he told me that the house could be falling in around me and i wont hear it.
    so at nights when hes not hear i’m scared i cant hear any thing or one if thay try to come in my house so what should i do ? just live with due to the amount thay want for hearing aides. I have no other choice !!

  6. My mother has been deaf for almost her whole life. She is now 43 and has been wearing her hearing aids for almost 42 of those years. She is a single mother of 3, and has a very low paying job at the local high school working with Special Ed. She is a wonderful mother, but just tonight our dog got to her hearing aids while she was sleeping. We are financially unable to pay all this money for new set for her. Her job is in jeopardy, since the aids are what help her through out the day work with students. We are at total lost of what to do. I am only 16 years old and are trying to find someone to help us. Anyone got a hint to help me and my mother?


  7. Tonya and Shannon,

    Have a look at Hearing Aid Market – there are quite a few people posting second hand hearing aids on there for reduced prices and, in some cases, for free.


    You could also try getting in touch with your local Lions Club and The Starkey Foundation.

    Good luck!

  8. I am 69+ collecting s. s.,my wife and I are also raising two grandchildren and I need two hearing aids. The cost is 6100 dollars.I am going to get them if I have to,which I will skip meds and meals.I tried to get help’butit seems thier is none. all I can say is God bless you all. Jim

  9. We are an age of longer living adult seniors, reaching ages that were rare 100 years ago. Our aging adults are in need to keep up on advanced new high tech. aids to help in our continued medical needs. Hearing aides are one of those needs. It is important for general health and well being, it effects the mental and physical, well being of ever American citizen. Health care reform bills come and go. Now we have something that has passed that we have no idea what it truly means for each Senior American. but my guess will be no additional helps for us, such as hearing aides finacial assistance. When things start being denied payment by our new medicare plans, then we will start loosing our seniors, one at a time. Hearing is such an important part of every day safety and well being WHO IS LISENING OUT THERE TO THE CRY’s of the Deaf in America. 3,600.00 and on up quickly is prices that the average american on pensions do not have. So As said before, go with out vital medications and nutricious food to save, years to purchase these hearing aides?? the price will climb even at that. Is there any help, are their seconds from the manufactures that would work?? Does the manufacture co’s have an outlet store.??
    I am very serious, were can our help come from?? If any one has news please share it to us. Thanks for lisening to my frustration notes.

  10. My son’s hearing aides were lost at school somewhere. Our home owners insurance will not cover the loss. His aides were provided by Missouri MC Plus. We have a opportunity to replace the aides but it requires $500.00. To us that might as well be $2000.00. I have searched high and low and can not find any place that helps people. Because he lost his hearing aides he fell back in school and has to take his senior year over again. Yet another blow to a young man who can not even be enlisted in the Armed forces because of his disability that is not recognized as a disability??? The school thinks it is all my sons fault. I wonder if they never heard the sounds of a bird until they was 5 years old? Don;t make a error and loose your ears. You will be s………………………..

  11. I have become a hearing impaired person at 65, digital hearing aids are about $6.k for the set of two.
    As a retired person, I believe in all the years of contribution to my country I deserve as well as others to get help for hearing aid at no charge.The people leaving comments here are 100 % correct. Why not free? we have history on working years and tax contributions, I became aware that if you are a Mexican agricultural worker you have incredible benefits! starting from “student” visas, loans, medical aid and financial, even they get you a car! That is very unfair to the real American citizens, our Administration protects the non-citizens?
    I do not want a tax credit I HAVE NO TAXES due to no work income, so what is the point?
    All of you that are agreeing with me, should send a letter to our congress and let them know what is our feelings here, that is doing something to wake them up,our Country is the best in the world, except to provide help to their own citizens……..


  12. I recall patients with a local clinic in the
    Tampa Bay, Fl area.
    Most of my patients need help with the cost of hearing aids and some have asked where they can find used ones to be able to use?

    Can you help me to pass on info to help our senior citizens enjoy a better quality in life?

    Thanks for your help,
    Marty Hermes, Clearwater FL

  13. yes i have been wearing hearing aids since i was 3 years old due to having very high fever of 105 doing damage to the nerves. yes i think people that had medical problem that cause the hearing loss sure to able to get there hearing aids for under $500 since they can make all of these $5000 aids just for $100 . one of these hearing drs. told this his self to me just like the bible says the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. my last pair of hearing aids cost me $8300.00 4 years ago i can not and do not make that much money nor i have not found any money tree that i can go to pull money from i am 54 years old and i any needing a new set of hearing aids now. need your all help now. thanks

  14. I need a two hearing aids and have no insurance and no money. How can I get help?

  15. My name is Dennis Clark , I am on disabilty and I need hearing aids. I have found some through AARP and the problem is that I canot afford the copay. I need some help in finding a way to get them paid for.

  16. Ive been trying to find help for my mom that needs hearing aids really bad and can’ t afford them. It’s really sad that we can help people in other parts of the world but we can’t help our own people that have payed taxes and can’t get the help they need!!! It’s sad

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