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Second hand hearing aids?

Why is there no established market for second hand hearing aids? Given the high price of a new aid, you would think that a cheaper second-hand model would be very tempting to a lot of people.

It’s not so different from buying a second hand car

The second-hand car market is huge. People have the option of buying privately and taking some risk on the quality of the car or they can buy a re-conditioned/serviced/checked car from a dealer. The same could apply to hearing aids: buy a known working model from a vendor or change your luck buying directly from John Doe.

Plenty of stock

Just how many unused hearing aids are lying around doing nothing? And how many of those hearing aids have been worn only once or not at all? If someone has paid a lot of money for them then they may not prepared to give them away to charity, so why not sell them to someone who is going make use of them? As well as all the unused new models, how many people have upgraded and left their old aids lying around doing nothing?


No two people are going to have exactly the same ear shape to changes would of course be needed to allow the buyer to use their second hand purchase. A new shell would be needed for in-the-ear models; new tubing and a new mould would probably be required for over-the-ear models. Manufacturers will create new shells/moulds for a price – they already do.


A digital aid would need to be re-programmed for the new wearer. Audiologists / vendors already supply programming services so there is no problem here. With an audiogram, the programming process should be simple for an experienced audiologist.

I don’t see any real big barrier to a second-hand hearing aid market and I’m sure there is a huge number of customers out there waiting to buy cheaper hearing aids.

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  1. I’m amazed that there doesn’t appear to be a second hand market in hearing aids! Especially open fit Behind The Ear types because only the Corda tube needs changing… This is a minor component and reprogramming the latest digital devices should not present a significant problem. It seems the industry simply doesn’t ‘Want’ a second hand market because they make less money that way!

    I’d love to see someone take this on some how and promote a service for second hand hearing aids. At a new price of several thousand pounds! This surely must be viable!


  2. Buying a second hand car is vastly different from purchasing a second hand hearing aid. Yes, it would be cheaper and certain components could be altered to suit the new wearer, but infection control needs to be considered. Sweat and dead skin cells are just a few of the things that can get into and onto a hearing aid and it is not sensible or hygenic to simply swap or wear somebody elses.

    This could only be practical if the second hand aids were fully reconditioned.


  3. Hey Annie,

    Thanks for commenting. I totally agree with you – hygiene would be important when selling a used aid. In the ear models would need a new mould anyway and over the ears could either have the ear plug/mould sterilised or replaced.

  4. Susanna,

    You are probably right that the industry doesn’t want a second hand market forming – I’d be really interested to find out where vendors stand on this as I reckon they could still make a decent profit on second hand aids if they manage to purchase them cheaply enough.

  5. Hi there ALL,
    I have been trying to find a S/H hearing aid for ages. Simply can’t afford a brand new one, and am not troubled by the concept of using a USED hearing aid at all. Surely they can be cleaned and sanitised sufficiently. So where can I find them? Genuinely interested. Thanks.

  6. I have a great pair of top of the line oticon BTE hearing aids that my grandma purchased just before she passed away. These hearing aids are so expensive new I feel like I shouldn’t just give them away and would love to sell them but have no avenue to do so!!

  7. Try selling them on eBay!!

  8. l have two hearing aids which l would gladly give to someone in need…….interested? just pay the postage and theyre yours

  9. Patricia,

    That’s a very kind offer! What is the make and model of the aids you are offering?

    Is anyone going to take Patricia up on this offer?

  10. Hi All,
    I am trying to find 2nd hand hearing aids for my mother in law, and its almost impossible other than Ebay. I dont understand why this isnt a viable market, well I do its the big boys controling the market.
    I cant see why hygiene etc are even a problem, there should be a service that provides the cleansing and re-fitting of the mould section. I notice there’s a recycling service but no used market. Certianly has made me interested in starting one.
    If anyone has two hearing aids 2nd hand I am extrememly interested. On that note Patricia can you give me an idea of the model, make etc, because I am interested in pruchasing them.

  11. Hello,
    I have a pair of digital GNI Resound hearling aids that belonged to my mom who recently passed away. They cost about $4,500 new and are not very old, so the technology is pretty new. I know they can put new earpieces and tubes on and can reprogram them. My mom had a severe hearing loss so they were the best available when purchased, according to the audiologist. I have the case and user guide, plus a smaller travel-purse sized case. I’d be willing to sell them for $400.00 Please feel free to contact me, Molly Bruce, at bruce.molly@gmail.com. I will only sell to a person who needs them at this price and not to someone wanting to resell on ebay….Thanks, Molly Bruce

  12. My father’s doctor told him it was illegal to sell used hearing aids. What at scam! Some people cannot afford 5K for aids. So, should we just let our seniors go deaf? I don’t have a background in the industry, so I hope someone who does will that the ball and run!!!!!

  13. […] few people have responded to my article about second hand hearing aids – there’s been a few offering aids either cheaply or for free and a few people asking for […]

  14. Illegal please! It should be illegal that you cant buy them 2nd hand. All these people suffering due to the ridiculous cost of hearing aids. Im disgusted!
    Molly I will send you an email, thanks

  15. I just can not believe that exists a second hand market of hearing aids . I think that it just couldn’t compare the situations . It’s about only by the hygiene and the health .
    But , it’s also really that these hearing aids are expensive , and some people haven’t enough money to buy it and they choose to buy used hearing aids …. I don’t know but I think that this isn’t a solution .

  16. It is very important from who you buy a second-hand car. You must be very carefully and open the eyes very well because what you buy is yours. About hearing aids I can say that I disagree this think..It’s not very correct to buy used hearing aids. In time these are degrated.

  17. I am in need of 2 hearing aids and am willing to pay a reasonable amount., can not affor new ones. I am using a used aid now, but only helps a little-was told I need two. I am not opposed to used hearing aids and would like to find in the canal types If any one has this type please contact me thank you so much

  18. My e-mail is smerkj@aol.com thankyou jo anne

  19. followup from joanne-my e-mail is smerkj@aol.com thankyou

  20. hello. before my mother passed away, she bought my father a pulse resound hearind aid, just over 18 months ago now. He relied on her to fit it in his ear as he has very poor coordination. I know it cost new nearly £1200 and am trying to find somewhere to sell it. any suggestions…… thanks

  21. I have a brandnew hearing aid my late father purchased and never wore. I would like to sell it very reasonably. Contact me at basto13@hotmail.com

  22. Remember when only optometrists could vend eyeglasses? These folk preached store bought eye glasses would harm your eyes. Now you get cheap glasses at the local drug store.

    Back in 2002 I was interested in building a website for hearing resources.
    It has been a long time and the site has changed. But there are archives

    There may be some usefull links. Old sites never die they get archived by somebody.

    ListenZone is alive and well but very different. http://www.listenzone.com

    I was looking through the archives to find the information I had posted about the cost to dealers of hearing aides. It is a gold mine. Can you imagine buying a product for a couple hundred and selling it for thousands? Not to mention money to be made doing “maintenance” and selling batteries through battery clubs:)

    Unfortunately those listenzone pages aren’t around anymore.

    There really is a crying need for previously owned over the ear hearing aides.
    Look at the ear devices for cell phones, they work fine without costly ear molds.

    Shoot, forget selling used units give them away.

  23. My mother recently passed away, and she had some very expensive Avada in the canal type programmable hearing aids. I am willing to sell them to someone who needs them, not for resale on Ebay. Please contact me at patsfan52@embarqmail.com if you are interested. I will not be checking my email fagain or about one week, so please be patient.

  24. We are in a similar position to Jane. That is we have an $8,500 pair of the “behind the ear hearing aids” that have removable/replaceable moulds to avoid any health issues. If someone was interested in these computerised hearing aids that are programmable to individual requirements, then please contact me on dharris0211@gmail.com.

  25. hello, my brother is 48 and deaf and went for the new digital hearing aid. After getting the new one, he was told to give his old type back to them (nhs). he cannot get used to the new one and has been back to the hearing department about 20 times to adjust, as the new ones don`t adjust manually. They have to be done by computer. he is really fed up! combined with this he has tinnitus. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE has anyone got the old type behind the ear hearing aid, which they don`t require. i would be happy to pay as it is distressing to see my brother like this. my e-mail is terry.hodgson3@ntlworld.com

  26. Hallo, Mijn vriend zoek al een tijd naar gehoorapparaten, hij is die van hem kwijt geraakt ze waren
    heel duur, ik hoop dat er iemand is die ze aanbiedt voor een redelijke prijs. Dan kan hij eindelijk
    weer goed horen wat ik zeg. Thanks Marianne m1toet@hotmail.com

  27. I’ve just got a Phonak eXtra 211 unfortunaly medical insuranse will only pay for one and I need two. I’m willing to purchase a second hand one if anyone has a Phonak eXtra 211. My email is schnetlerb@yahoo.com

  28. I’m not amazed at all that there is not a market for 2nd hand hearing aids. First of all, gross. Secondly, you would still have to spend hundreds of dollars on a used hearing aid so why would anyone want one that was used on someone else where it had the chance to have been damaged??? I suppose the person who was wearing it would not have to tell you if it had been repaired in the past. You’d have to pay for the old circuit, if it were custom, you would have to pay to have a new shell built and if it were BTE, you’d have to buy new molds. On top of that, what dispenser would just adjust them for free? You’d probably have to pay an establishment fee. The cost balances out plus when you buy newer hearing aids, you get a warranty. With old ones, you’d probably have to purchase that too.

  29. Have just upgraded my GNResound Air 60 BTE aids to Dot 30`s Willing to sell my air60`s They are currently programed for mild hearing loss They still work perfectly £350 dougmac22@msn.com

  30. I am looking for second hand hearing aids as they are so expensive, I am on a fixed income and can not afford to brand purchase new ones.

  31. I really need a good pair of hearing aids, I am on a limited income and retired. I have a 50% hearing loss in the high frequency. Does anyone have a good behind the ear model used to sell? I would like the programable digital model . Richard Fifer 772-546-1715 fifer50@aol.com

  32. I am selling my daughters hearing aid brand: OTICON SUMO XP purchased last july 1,2008- its original price was php58,000. my daughter used it for only 3 months because she got her cochlear implant last nov.2008 at the age of two. please contact me if interested.. luzvimindamagbag@yahoo.com or at 09283364201

  33. I am interested in buying a pair of used Behind the ear hearing aids. Have already had my hearing loss evaluated by an audiologist. Am living on Soc. Sec. I also plan to check with service clubs, but hope I can find one here. Thank you.

  34. I took part in a program here in Indianapolis called “Vocational Rehabilitation”. They bought me a brand new pair of Resound Dot-10 hearing aids, after I went through a six month screening process. I have tried them once, for all of 30 minutes, and they’re too much for me. My hearing isn’t that bad to be honest. They’re brand new in a box, with a dehumidifier and extra batteries. Email me me if you’re interested. bridges.bob@gmail.com . I want $400.00 for them, which is more than fair considering the sell for over $1,500.

  35. my grandson put my hearing aid in the micro wave , trying to help would be so grateful if i could buy a scond hand one for right ear, as i am broke this month. would be really grateful.

  36. I am selling a pair of Siemens Intuis Life -Open Fit Digital – BTE from my grandmother that passed away. She used them for 6 months and the original cost was $2100. I am asking $600 for the pair as they are used. Let me know if interested at graphixenator@gmail.com Thank you.

  37. Hi,

    I’m currently trying to sell my own USED hearing aid, this is how I stumble across this forum.
    I own a CN ResoundAir hearing aid amplifiers, they were purchased in 2008 and I’m parting them because I have now purchased a new set.

    The set originally cost 2900GBP and they are in perfect condition in the original box and with all the documentation that follows. The Warranty is EXPIRED, However, I’m comfident in them so will do a complete refund in case buyer is not satisfied.

    I will part the machine for the mere sum of 500GBP.

    Please email me if intrested/questions.


    Thank you.

    Daniel j

  38. I am so grateful to have found this site! My mom bought new, top of the line hearing aids 10 months before she passed. I’ve been diagnosed as having moderate to severe hearing loss but cannot afford hearing aids. When I questioned the company where we bought and had mom’s aids maintained about reprogramming them I was told that it was impossible but they would give me a $500 discount on my brand new hearing aids if I traded mom’s.

    Wow – was I schnookered!!! I’m going to take these to a reputable audiologist and see what can be done. This will change my life. Thanks!

  39. Hello
    I have a pair of Qticon Epoq digital hearing aids with bluetooth streamer for sale. They have been hardly used. They are designed to fit any ear (They have plastic ends that are flexible and you’re ment to change them monthly for hygiene) and are state of the art technology. The streamer means that you can link the aids to your mobile, house phone or mp3 player. They were my fathers which he used for work but he suddenly passed away. They cost £3000 new, but will accept lower price. If anyone is interested then I can give more details or supply pictures. xanthe_thindwa@yahoo.co.uk

  40. Hi, I have a used starkey-I hearing aid for the right ear. It’s used in meetings only, so it’s almost new. I bought it in Canada one and a half year ago for about $1600CAD. You can take it for $600USD. Contact me with delpub@gmail.com. Thank you.

  41. I have a new Phonak Supero 413 AZ hearing aid that my grandmother had as a replacement for one which she had lost. Sadly she passed away within 24 hours of getting it and so it was not used. You can see by its appearance that it has not been used but I don’t have the box or operating instructions. The new price is around £1400 I believe, I will be willing to consider offers above £400 if anyone is interested.

  42. Sorry should have left my e-mail address which is joandandyhalls@hotmail.com

  43. I disagree with all the comments about hygiene etc . . . people sell and buy used clothes, including underwear . . . I suspect the squeamish and the vested interests among us are the only ones squawking about that aspect of used aids . .

    Any one in New Zealand selling some secondhand aids?

    Cheers, Sieffe

  44. I have two brand new Siemen PRISMA 2 P VC hearing aids. I used them only once ended up going completely deaf. I paid $3,000. for both of them and im willing to sell for $1,000. email me if you are interested at deafinitelyasl11@aol.com


  45. I have a siemens prisma 2 pro DP
    Behind the ear
    As New
    Email me for details


  46. hi i have a hearing problem, and can not afford new hearing aids. I live in perth australia and on a low income so if anyone is kind enough to help me out and donate to a pair they will be for my use only .
    trying to make ends meet each week food cloths, i donated some things to chariety and assist charityies,
    can some one be generous in donating to a person who be greatful and thanking anyone that can help me.
    i helping chariety saturday often donate service free, help others can someone help me please.
    email me ppposies@iinet.net.au

  47. Hello everyone

    Thank you all for commenting on here.

    I have added a new section to this site called Hearing Aid Market.

    It allows you to sell or give hearing aids online – it’s kind of like an eBay or Craigslist but just for hearing aids. If you have left a comment on here and you are selling or giving then please sign up at Hearing Aid Market and list your aid(s) on there. If you are looking for an aid then head over to market and see that is available – there is an RSS feed there that you can subscribe to as well.

    The link to the site is: http://market.deafness-and-hearingaids.net/


  48. I am in the US and selling used hearing aids is legal in this country-they have to be sold as such- clients need to be told they are refurbished units (they are completely refurbished). They even come with a 6 month warranty and extended warranties can be purchased on any make or model of hearing aid regardles of age. Hearing aid needs to be in proper working order when warranties are purchased. Not all hearing aid models are available used, at all times. One can be put on a waiting list and notified when specific aids come up.
    Typically the cost of a used pair will be near $1K. One can get a new, entry level digital hearing aid
    for under $1K (for mild to moderate loss) in this country also.

  49. “Ear of the Lion” is an organization that helps people get hearing aids for only $300.

    The only problem with them is that they do not offer any insurance and after 6 months they stop servicing the aid(s) so you have to make sure all problems are addressed within that time frame.

    If you loose one/both of them within the 6 months grace period, I believe they will give you a replacement but I’m not sure about it.

    Unfortunately, my hearing is so (uniquely – genetically) bad that I had too many problems for this company to help me. I am 35 years old and have lived my life struggling to hear. if anyone can assist with a no longer used (non-mold-type “bte”) of hearing aid(s) please feel free to contact me through this site.


  50. Hearing Aids are regulated by the FDA. That is why the physician mentioned it was illegal, and that’s why there are no second-hand hearing aids sold by practitioners. Reconditioned hearing aids, while technically “used”, are still “reconditioned”, which is why this is the only way you see used aids for sale by anyone in the hearing aid industry.

  51. I am not senior just yet but lost fair amount of hearing at age 15. In Oct 2003 I bought a pair of top of the range hearing aids which is said to be DT4 ITE(In the ear). They are fully reprogrammable. I used them for 3 months (on and off) and never put them on again after that. They simply didn’t work for me and neither does any other hearing aids. They have been sitting in the box I bought them in. I didn’t know what to do them. I couldn’t give them away as they costed an arm and a leg! I paid $4,800 for them. I am willing to sell them for £500. Might even attempt to eBay them. Interested? email me at hakka.hussein@btinternet.com

  52. hello patricia watson ,i am very happy that you are offering that .i have a son that is in need of two hearing aids and we still cannot afford it .he is already 9 years old.we would be very thankful if my son would be the one that you would choose to have it.my email ad is this lilibethgeonzon@yahoo.com

  53. I have two pairs of Resound Dot 30 that have never been worn. I would like to sell them. I may be contacted at emk@lfd-inc.com.

  54. I am looking for used Tinnitus sound generators. Viennatone Silent star1 or a windex 440.

  55. I have a pair of Siemens Intuis Dir (Behind the ear) hearing aids for sale. Our Grandmother would love to see them sold. She said she paid close to $2000 for them. Just have new molds made and they will be like new. Great condition. $600 for the pair. mmccarthy23@hotmail

  56. Hello Liz Rank, I am interested in the Resound Dot 30. I need a pair of OTE hearing aids. I could not reach you at that email. You can contact me at garyj1010@aol.com. Thanks, Gary

  57. If you already have an iPhone an inexpensive solution is to download the software IHearUBetter for $4.99
    It uses the iPhones microphone and ear pods to amplify sound. Even better if you have your own earphones

    Most inexpensive ( and some not so inexpensive) only allow you to change the volume control.
    The adjustable equalizer control in the iPhone allows one to adjust the frequency profile to your own needs

    Beware of buying expensive hearing aids. They need a trip to your audiologist for any adjustment.


  58. The Sertoma (Service to Mankind) Organization’s Major Charity is Speech and Hearing. There are clubs all over the United States who collect donated hearing aids and pay for them to be refurbished and fitted for those who cannot afford to see an Audiologist much less pay for a hearing aid. If you qualify for the AId contact your nearest Sertomo Club. If you wish to donate a used hearing aid this would give you an avenue and a tax write off.

  59. I lost one of my Sieman’s BTE hearing aids which I must have for my job in a noisy restaurant. I am also probably losing my job after 33 years. I would be grateful for anything and will pay what I can. Any offer appreciated.


  60. Hi there! I would like to help my Mom with her hearing problem she is 80 years old , and blind ( I don’t see her since 9 years ago) but with the new technology I have videoconferences with her ………it was really sad for me to realize that she was not watching and hearing……..since that day I decided to check prices for hearing aids…….I got frustrated and I cried they are extremely expensive and I don’t have health insurance…..I still feeling upset because I would like to talk to my Mom and be sure that she is listening to me……..I would be very grateful if someone can donate some hearing aids for my mom……..I don’t have a job right now but if there are something to pay I will try to ask a loan…………thanks

  61. Bon, Siemens makes a nice digital BHE hearing aid called the Lotus. It works very well and is cheap. Cost is about $120 including shipping from China. I have used ‘em for about a year and find they are more rugged than $5000 aids. You can adjust the aid for your hearing loss so there is no programming. ebay is a excellent souce for this great hearing aid

  62. Very interesting and helpful. My father is 96 and constantly breaks loses or recently microwaved one of his earpieces to get rainwater out of them! A week before Xmas and I need a replacement so he can hear the Carols and life in general. What a total PIA. Will try ebay. He wears BTE Siemans Prisma 2 M.

  63. Many hearing aid dispensers and audiologists will program a hearing aid they didn’t sell for a fixed free. One guy in Philadelphia has three “tracks” for hearing aids purchased elsewhere, including one where he guarantees you’ll get a better fit than you got from a competitor or it’s free.


    NOTE: I do NOT know how good this person’s services are… Just that indeed he’s a licensed PA hearing aid dealer & dispenser.

  64. I have always wondered why the price of all things electronic has plummeted, while the price of hearing aids has stayed the same or increased! I definitely smell collusion.

  65. My late father bought a very expensive pair digital hearing aids from Siemens in May 2007 at cost of £5,000! He wore them about 3 times and they are practically new; they came with e-pocket remote control. My father was a semi professional musician and his ear was accute to sounds and music; he was a trumpet player and had his own dance band for over 50 years. I am his executor of his estate and trying to sell these for some sort of value. If anyone is interested then please e-mail me; I live in the north-east of Scotland. I have just noticed Steve’s message of 18th August 2009 and his new website and might try there!

  66. hi, i’m a senior on a fixed income, never had a hearing aid, need one now, would like to purchase a used set
    both ears need one, anyone that can offer a used one would be greatly appreciated. I just can’t afford a new one. I did have a audiogram, i have moderate hearing loss.
    thank you, hope to hear from someone soon.
    thank you
    arthur house

  67. Arthur I have two with three setting used only 100 hours

  68. I have a pair of ZON hearing aids, behind the ear i believe. Father bought them a year or two ago and used them only a few times. always grumbled that they cost around five thousand dollars when he got them. Anyone intrested in buying these please email me, hell_razor27@yahoo.com They come with two cases, one looks to be a smaller travel case for them. several packs of battery,s. extra tubes of some sort, cleaning stuff. Make an offer on them, would like for them to go to someone who needs them but cant afford new prices, No offer no buy my dad always said. Gene.

  69. I have a pair of OTICON hearing aids that belonged to my mother with batteries and small tools to adjust. She passed away some time ago and they have been sitting in the drawers. I am willing to give them to someone who can use them. They sit behind the ear and have a moulded ear piece that would need changing for hygeine purposes. She paid a few thousand Aus dollars for them.
    Free to good home.

  70. [size=8][b][color=red]RELISTED! Comfort Contego FM loop system(Hearing Aid alternative)[/color][/b][/size]

    Hi everybody. I have for sale a brand new in box Contego Personal Radio System with Neck Loop. I have no use for this, hence why I am selling it, but it looks like it could be a real bargain for anybody who needs this product. Any questions I am more than happy to help as I am an audiologist.

    Brand New In Box! Contego Personal Radio System with Neck Loop.


    Comfort Contego makes it possible for the user to get the best possible reception of sound on every occasion. The transmitter has a zoom function; a directional and omni-directional microphone setting. The receiver has a built in microphone, which also has a zoom function. This means that the best possible sound reception is achieved via the digital sound transmission.

    Comfort Contego has all the functions you need. It is easy to use, non-invasive and light-weight with a stylish and smart design. It also has a clear menu display system for ease of use.

    Can be used in various environments e.g. home, work or leisure. Comfort Contego makes living easier for hearing impaired people.

    This Contego kit consists of:
    Receiver R800
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    Power Supply
    Audio kit (pictured below- used with TV/PC/mp3) View Audio Kit
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    Designed and made by Swedish company, Comfort Audio, high product quality and brilliant clarity of sound is guaranteed.

    Comfort Contego

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    A digital radio system
    The sound is transmitted digitally which means perfect sound on every occasion. This also makes it possible to have a level of security that has not previously been possible with wireless hearing systems for hearing impaired people.

    The transmitter and the receiver are paired by the transmitter sending a coded key to the receiver. The digital, coded radio transmission makes it almost impossible to intercept a conversation.

    Microphone with zoom function both in the transmitter and the receiver
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    Modern design
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    Sounds from a variety of sources
    By using a Sound kit, which makes it possible to amplify the sound from many different sound sources, you can for instance listen to TV or a stereo.

  71. Hi All
    I need hearing aid for my mother in law. She lost hers. Pease contact me. ettiennevanrensburg@absamail.co.za
    Thank you


  72. I have a Phonak Audeo IX purchased in 2007 for $3,300 maintained and in good condition but I now need two matching new ones. If you are interested in this digital aid contact me at hmgesq@aol.com. I know an audiologist can reprogram and sterilize it

  73. Older gentleman looking for powerful aid. Can be analog. Thanks

  74. I have a digital hearing aid that my father only got to wear 3 times before he passed. It is a microtech, Vector, RIC with a two year warranty and will be re-programmed at Central Park Hearing Aid Center in Fredericksburg VA upon ownership change. I purchased it in June for Father’s Day and will sell it for what I owe. Contact me at campbell_debi@yahoo.com.

  75. Hi
    I live in New Zealand and have been volunteering 4-5 afternoons a week at a small assisted care facility. At least 5 of the 7 residents have significant hearing difficulties. 4 of them have hearing aides but none of them seem to work that well for them. Some of the hearing aids are quite old and were not very expensive models I do not think. Most of the residents are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. These 7 women are most wonderful examples of Bette Davis’s saying “Old age ain’t no place for sissies”. If any one would like to donate their departed loved ones good quality hearing aides to us (which I would find out if someone in NZ could refigure(or whatever the proper term is) to work for these people please contact me at mwagnz@gmail.com. Being able to hear one another, staff, and the television as well as their visitors would ENORMOUSLY improve these people’s lives, although they just keep on keeping on and smiling at life most days. They are amazing and I feel so privileged to have them in my life.
    Thank you.
    Best regards, Martha ( I am not printing my last name because NZ is a small country and I am thinking of the privacy of the residents and their families. If any one does want to help with this situation and contacts me I will be glad to call you in the US or email you and give you my details)

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  77. La demande d’aides auditives d’occasion (second hand hearing aids) est très forte en France.
    Mais beaucoup de Français et autres francophones connaissent mal la langue anglaise. Peuvent-ils utiliser le français sur ce site ? Thanks Steve !

  78. Hello All,

    I am looking for second hearing aids for my father. His insurance will not cover the cost of hearing aids, and they are extremely expensive. If anyone has reprogrammable hearing aids for sale please email me at gregoryficklin@gmail.com. I want to surprise him for fathers day.

  79. I have a brand new never used unitron hearing aid with thr recipt which cost 1100.00.wWilling to sell for 125.00 .Behind the ear tpye

  80. Hello,
    I am selling Used Oticon hearing aids. I can supply Oticon Spirit 3, Oticon Spirit 3P and Oticon Spirit 3 SP. These units have been cleaned and tested and for sale at £25 each + postage (I can post worldwide)
    My email address is palcodas@hotmail.co.uk

    Let me know which type you require.




  82. I’m in need of Senso vita 38 or menu for my niece who is abt 8 years. I canot afford new ones. Pls let me know at geoffrykombich@hotmail.com.Thks

  83. I will be receiving brand new hearing aids on the 29th of Jan.2013. I can’t remember the brand name, because I wasn’t interested at the time, but I will know on the 9th of Jan.The VA that they retail at 4400 for both.I will sale them both at less then 75 per cent of that cost. they will be set at 30 to 40 per cent hearing loss.my e-mail is steven_phagan@yahoo.com .Cell phone-700-374-0482

  84. hello, my mistake, my cell is 770-374-0482

  85. I’m old age pensioner that requires a behind the ear hearing aid that is nor too expensive in South Africa new ones cost too much if anyone can help please contact me thanking you Victor Shaw

  86. Has I stated I need a second hand behind the ear hearing aid that is not too expensive as i live on a pension and cant afford a new one they are too expensive in South Africa please contact me on email ort.victor@yahoo.com
    Thank you Victor Shaw

  87. i have a pair of rexton hearing aids, not over ear ones they just sit in ear, made by rexton, from brisbane boxed, quite old, any interest please email me ej.collins34@yahoo.co.uk

  88. Hi the I am a 70 year old senior , I have hearing loss to both ears, and would love to buy a pair of used behind the ear open fit hearing aids at a small price as I cant afford them where I live there is no assistance from our medical. Perhaps I might be able to hear my wifes orders correctly again.
    I f you can help please e mail me at

  89. I have a Siemens left ear ITE for 250$ cad.it is in working order you may need shell for correct fit. If interested email shimon8818@gmail.com

  90. Hello all,

    I’m currently an AuD (Doctor of Audiology) graduate student who happened to randomly come across this website while not paying attention in class. I work part-time in a Lions Club hearing aid bank, so this little blog is interesting to me in regards to each of your perspectives and emotions as the hearing aid consumers. I’d love some feedback from y’all – about audiologists, the price of hearing aids, receiving aids from an audiologist vs. somewhere like Costco, etc.

    You do want to be careful when buying somebody else’s hearing aids though:

    1) hygeine (earwax can sometimes contain blood, and if that’s anywhere on that hearing aid you’re buying used and the person had some type of hepatitis or other fluid-transmitting disease, you’re setting yourself up)

    2) the second-hand aids they’re selling you may have something wrong with them that makes them non-repairable (working in a hearing aid bank where they’re all second-hand aids, we see this A LOT; considering the average joe doesn’t have the multi-thousand dollar equipment used to test the working status of hearing aids, this is a pretty hefty financial risk you’re taking – money you could have put in a savings account to reach the final dollar amount needed to buy you a working, brand-spanking-new pair of hearing aids

    3) Not every hearing aid has the capability to suit every single person’s hearing loss. There are several degrees and shapes of hearing losses – some really mild, and others on the more profound end of the spectrum. If you’re a person with a more severe hearing loss who (unknowingly) ends up buying somebody else’s hearing aids that worked fine for their mild loss, those hearing aids aren’t capable of making sounds loud enough for you to hear – so make sure to research the type of hearing aid the person is selling first – this will also require that you know the degree of your hearing loss.

    4) Some types of hearing loss may not even require hearing aids to be managed – in fact, some types of hearing loss really only need a surgery to fully correct the hearing loss, and then all this fuss about pricing will have been for nothing.

    Questions/comments/concerns? Email me at kvdavis2390@hotmail.com

  91. hi
    im looking for second hand accessories e.g tloop for mp3 player also tv assisting equipment

  92. hi my name is michael my mother is 83years old and is suffering with very poor hearing ability on a scale of 1to 10 {1 been best 10 been worst } he ability is 8, so i can’t afford the prices that the providers are asking but if someone would be so kind and if you have a pair of digital hearing aids that would suite her i would be so very grateful thank you for your help and your kind hart , Michael

  93. Hi all

    I am a widowed pensioner with a hearing problem. I am staying with my children at the moment, and I am in DESPERATE need of a hearing aid. I do not mind if it is a second hand one, I just cannot afford one, I had one that I was using constantly, but it blew up in my ear after years of using.

    I feel lost from the rest of the world and I never socialise with anyone because I had comment already made that I think I am too good to socialise but in fact I cannot hear and I don’t want to tell everyone I meet about my hearing problems.

    please if there is anyone out there that can find it in their hart to pass a used hearing aid on to me, or even let me pay it off and collect it when it is finished paid for. I so want to be part of life again.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope there is at least one good Samaritan out there to be able to help me.

  94. I have one brand new All-Rite OE BTE for the right ear…has all the programming software, eMiniTec cables, variety of silicone sound tips, 17 batteries, and cleaning brush…paid $1200 for it…got it for my mother but she refuses to wear a hearing aid (unfortunately). I am willing to sell it for $500…IT IS NEW. I live in Indianapolis, IN, and you can contact me at lilterry78@yahoo.com.

  95. Hi i have a brand new comfort audio contego brought for my father and never used, i am selling this for cheap if anyone is in need retail for around £700 make me an offer i would rather someone in need have this for cheap email me at craiglogin@gmail.com

  96. I purchased new hearing aids and gave my old ones to a member of my church. Now an audiologist has told us: “I am sorry, but unfortunately we are not able to program hearing aids that were dispensed to one person and fit them to someone else because hearing aids are an FDA-approved internally worn, medical device.”

    Is this true? If so where can I find that FDA rule? It seems odd that there are numerous appeals for used hearing aid donations if re -using them is prohibited.

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