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The best place for hearing aids is in ears

I visited my parents today. My Mum was telling me about how bad my Auntie’s hearing is these days. Turns out that she visited her GP about her hearing 2 years ago, was referred to the local hospital and was fitted with digital behind-the-ear hearing aids not long after. So, why is her hearing still so bad? She doesn’t wear her hearing aids, they sit in the cupboard at home.

She is one of the many who prefer to stay in denial about their hearing rather than do something about it. I’ve never spoken to her about it but I would guess she is worried about how the hearing aids will make her look. Will people think less of her? Will they think she is less intelligent? Will they shout or talk really slowly to her? I think this is a genuine worry for many people and that’s why they prefer to struggle on instead of doing the sensible thing.

To all those people out there who are hard of hearing, who have hearing aids and don’t wear them: the best place for your hearing aids is in your ears. All the worries about missing conversation, looking silly by saying the wrong thing and the general feeling of missing out will vanish. At first you will be very contious that people are looking at your ears – they won’t be, most people have better things to do. I honestly believe that you will notice such a difference in the quality of life that your hearing aids give you that you will never look back. Your hearing aids will be back in their rightful place.