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The No Wax Ear Wax Removal Specialists in Croydon

The Hearing Specialist

Sumit Joshi (The Hearing Specialist) is the No Wax Ear Wax Removal Specialist in Croydon. He offers Micro Suction ear wax removal in the comfort of your own home. Microsuction is a quick, clean and painless technique of removing wax - as the name suggests, the technique is gently sucking the wax out of your ear, no oils or other preparation is required.

A wax removal appoinment usually takes around 30 minutes and includes an initial examination of the ear, the wax removal and then an after-check to make sure everything has been removed and the ear is nice and clean.

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What is Ear Wax?

Ear wax is a natural mix of secretions and dead skin found in the ear. It is not a bad thing, it helps to protect the ear against dust, dirt and bacteria. Ear wax (also know as Cerumen) is made up of skin cells, dust and oily secretions from the sebaceous and ceruminous glands in the ear canal. The secretions lubricate the ear canal and prevent it from becoming too dry.

What Can Cause a Buildup of Wax?

  1. Overproduction of ear wax
  2. Narrow ear canals
  3. Hairy ear canals
  4. Dry earwax, (not much moisture in the secretion as you get older)
  5. Swimmers ear, bony growths in the ear canal can block the progress of ear wax
  6. A tight or hard ear canal bend
  7. You keep putting cotton buds in your ear
  8. Wearing hearing aids
  9. Wearing in-ear headphones

Problems Associated With Earwax Buildup

  1. Earache, as it builds up, it can press against the ear canal causing pain
  2. Hearing loss, especially if you have just gone swimming or had a shower
  3. Itchiness in the ear
  4. Dizziness, a spinning sensation
  5. Tinnitus, a sense of buzzing or ringing in the affected ear

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