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Struggling to hear people clearly, arguing over the volume of the TV? Avoiding going to places because it is too difficult to understand what people are saying? You are not alone, many people like you have similar problems, it's not about the volume, it's about clarity, and if people stopped damned mumbling you would be doing fine! Does that sound a bit familiar?

Being able to hear and communicate with ease makes a massive difference to our lives and our well-being, something that we do not realise until we have a problem. We believe that everyone should have the pleasure of hearing well and the benefits it brings to their lives. 

Finding out what to do about it is when the problems start. You are faced with a load of technical gobbledygook that you need to try to decipher before you can make decisions. We think we can fix that problem.

We have extensive experience in the hearing profession, one of us as a customer and the other as both a hearing professional and a sales manager in a hearing aid manufacturer. We want to share our knowledge so that we can equip people with hearing loss with the information they need to make good decisions about their hearing and their treatment. 

We also have extensive experience with Independent hearing professionals across the world; we want to share our knowledge of them, their commitment to delivering the best hearing aids and the best care. We think that they should be rewarded for their ethos and ideals and you need the information about professionals who are committed to their customers.

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We've been writing articles about hearing aids, hearing loss, tinnitus, wax removal and all other ear-related things for over 15 years.

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Four mistakes I've made with my hearing loss

I've been wearing hearing aids for 28+ years, it hasn't always been plain sailing. Look back, I've made some bad decisions about my hearing loss and they are common choices that people often make. I've done these, many other people are too, maybe you are as well.

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Signia introduce Unique New AX Hearing Aid Platform

The new AX platform from Signia marks an interesting step forward in the strategy to deal with background noise. Using separate sound processors to handle different inputs appears to lead to a marked reduction in the effects of background noise. They have also brought their fantastic mobile charging case to the Charge & Go alongside a new charging and drying case. It will be interesting to see what both professionals and users will make of the new hearing aids.

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Have Osteoporosis? You may have hearing loss

A recent study released in the US indicates that moderate or worse hearing loss is 40% higher in women with Osteoporosis than the general population. While the actual causation isn't well understood, it means that if you have osteoporosis, it is worth your time to get regular hearing tests.

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Hands Free Phone Calls For All Bluetooth Hearing Aids Coming

With the recent announcements from both Apple and Google, it appears that a slew of new abilities including hands-free calls will be coming to all hearing aids later this year. Unfortunately, and as usual, with the possible exception of the Oticon More, it will only be available for new hearing aids and new phones, here is what you need to know.

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So what will hearing aid provision look like in the future?

The last two articles covered innovation and technology both inside and outside the traditional hearing aid industry. We looked at the different channels for the purchase of devices and the exciting technology coming to the fore in the augmented audio world. In this article I look at what the future of hearing aid buying will look like.

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Innovations and technology advances in augmented audio

In part one of this article I discussed the latest innovations and changes in the more traditional hearing aid world. In this article I would like to look at the advancements in augmented audio in consumer electronics and other offerings to help people correct hearing problems. I also want to take a look at what it could all mean for the future. In five to ten years, will hearing aids and the provision model we now know still exist? If it does, what will it look like and what other competing solutions and provision models will exist?

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What changes are ahead in the provision of hearing aids?

There have been many interesting events recently pertaining to both hearing loss correction, hearing aids and indeed the provision of hearing devices. Recent entries into the hearing aid market possibly signal great change moving forward, more than that, the innovation and development around artificial intelligence could mean great change. Where does that leave both hearing aid users and the current traditional model of provision though? No crystal ball here, just intelligent what ifs.

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Lexie Hearing partners with Walgreens

Lexie hearing has just announced a new partnership with Walgreens that will see Lexie Lumen hearing aids available in select Walgreens stores in the US. The partnership makes a lot of sense for both players, it means a wider audience for Lexie, and a pretty hassle free hearing aid offering for Walgreens. Here is what you need to know.

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Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids Announced For US Market

Well the mystical unicorn that Bose hearing aids were have finally solidified and to be honest, I don't think they are nearly as exciting as many people thought they might be. Bose announced the introduction of their SoundControl hearing aids which will be self programming and offered direct to consumers. Here is what you need to know.

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Consumer hearing aid advice book

The Authors of The Little
Book of Hearing Aids

Independent advice guide

Buying hearing aids can be quite a daunting affair, not least because understanding the choices and technology available can be difficult. I have set out to make the incomprehensible gibberish understandable, explaining the types of hearing aids, their pros and cons, their technology and features in clear language.

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Helping You Understand

Simple Honest Advice

The amount of information available around hearing aids can be confusing and overwhelming. Technobabble about technology levels and features can be hard to decipher and want to make you run into the street screaming. You just want a damned hearing aid that will help you hear! We want to help you find one with simple, clear and easy to understand information about the features and the benefits, and what you can expect

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Real Ear Measurements in hearing aid fitting

Real Ear Measurements Are Essential For Hearing Aids

Gold Standard Fitting

Real Ear Measurements, REMs or Speech Mapping are imperative for best practice hearing aid fitting. It is our best advice to you, to find a hearing care provider who does offer them when you are purchasing. Ask any provider you deal with, do they offer probe tube measurements, if they say no, tell them you will go somewhere else.

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Hearing Test Consultation

A Network of Hearing Aid Providers in The UK and Ireland

Independent hearing Aid Centres

You might not know it already, but finding the right hearing healthcare professional is important to the outcome of the process. We want to make sure that you don't find out the hard way. We are building a network of trusted Independent Hearing Aid Centres so you can easily get the care and attention of a skilled and committed pro

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A Network of Earwax Removal Specialists in The UK and Ireland

Independent Earwax removal Centres

We are building a network of trusted Independent earwax removal specialists so you can easily get the care and attention of a skilled and committed pro

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What is Microsuction Earwax Removal & Why Does it Matter?

Many Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals are offering Microsuction earwax removal, but what is it and why would it be better than other forms of ear cleaning?

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Widex hearing aids

Widex models including the Unique and Evoke Range

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron models including the Tempus and Max Range

Starkey hearing aids

Starkey models including the Made For iPhone Range

ReSound Hearing Aids

Resound models including the Linx 3D and Quattro Range

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon models including the new Opn S Brain Hearing Technology

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia models including the Styletto Connect and Nx Made For iPhone Technology range

Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon models including the amazing Zerena range

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak models including the Belong and Marvel Range

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