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Trusted EarWax Removal Clinics

The Largest Network of Trusted Independent Earwax Cleaning clinics

At Hearing Aid Know we are on a mission to provide you with the very best advice possible on hearing aids hearing care and the people who provide them. With this in mind, we are attempting to build the biggest network of trusted independent ear wax clinics. You will be able to find them all here as we add them.

Our Promise To Consumers

Our mission here on Hearing Aid Know is to offer the very best advice on hearing aids and the people who provide them. Our focus is on honest advice that you can trust. With this in mind, we will not detail a hearing aid provider that we do not trust to provide you with the latest hearing aids and care you need to succeed.

Find your nearest ear wax clinic

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Earwax Removal Services, Microsuction, Irrigation & Syringing

Earwax removal as a service has grown exponentially in the last few years. More and more Independent hearing health professionals have trained and become qualified to remove earwax using several methods. Many felt that this was a valuable service to offer their customers and a natural extension of the services they provide. The advent of this service seems to have come at a very good time as more and more people find it difficult to access the service in GP surgeries. But what exactly is the service offered and how does it work?

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is a natural mix of secretions and dead skin found in the ear. It is not a bad thing, it helps to protect the ear against dust, dirt and bacteria. Ear wax (Cerumen to be official!) is made up of skin cells, dust and oily secretions from the sebaceous and ceruminous glands in the ear canal. The secretions lubricate the ear canal and prevent it becoming too dry. Your ear wax is probably not the same as someone else's! Ear wax make up changes from person to person based on diet, age and race. 

What can cause earwax buildup?

Some people just suffer from regularly blocked ears. It can be simply that the over produce ear wax naturally. Causes of earwax buildup can be

  1. Overproduction of ear wax
  2. Narrow ear canals 
  3. Hairy ear canals (it's like a jungle in there!)
  4. Dry earwax, (not much moisture in the secretion as you get older)
  5. Swimmers ear, bony growths in the ear canal can block the progress of ear wax
  6. A tight or hard ear canal bend
  7. You keep putting damned cotton buds in your ear! (nothing smaller than your elbow in your ear)
  8. Wearing hearing aids (sometimes can cause ear wax build up)
  9. Wearing in-ear headphones (same as above)

Symptoms of an ear wax build up

You are deaf, deaf I tell you!!!! Well, no actually, you might not be. But it is one symptom that can show up. Here are all the symptoms of hearing loss:

  1. Earache, as it builds up it can press against the ear canal causing pain, yes ear wax can cause pain!
  2. Hearing loss, it can deliver to you the gift of hearing loss, especially if you have just gone swimming or had a shower
  3. Itchiness in the ear (can be caused by other things though like dry skin)
  4. Dizziness, a spinning sensation without the use of GIn (lovely Gin)
  5. Tinnitus, surprisingly enough it can give you a sense of buzzing or ringing in the affected ear

You can read a lot more about earwax removal and how it is done on our Earwax Removal Page

Our Earwax Removal Specialists

8-10 Gathurst Road, Orrell,
Wigan, WN5 8QH

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23 Corbets Tey Rd,
Upminster RM14 2AP

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iCare Opticians,
6 Barters Walk, High Street,
Pinner, Middlesex,

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TK Impex HV Thomas Pharmacy,
81 Mill Lane, West Hampstead,
London, NW6 1ND

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Malone Medical Chambers, 142 Malone Rd,
Belfast, BT9 5LH

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70 Borough High St,
London, SE1 1XF

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Suite 15, Building 80, Churchill Square,
Kings Hill, West Malling,
ME19 4YU

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211a Marsland Road,
Sale, Manchester, M33 3ND

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11 Alma Vale Road, Clifton,
Bristol, BS8 2HL

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Archway Health Hub, Lubenham Hill,
Market Harborough LE16 9SZ

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