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Independent Hearing Aid Centres

The Best Hearing Aids & Comprehensive Hearing Care

Independent hearing healthcare providers, local clinicians committed to delivering the highest levels of care and the very best hearing aids for you. 

Independent Hearing Aid Providers

At Know, we are partnering with and supporting Independent hearing health providers across the world. We are now actively building a network of Trusted Independent Hearing Aid Centres Across The United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Largest Network of Independent Hearing Aid Centres in The UK & Ireland

Locations To Suit You

We are building a network of locations in all of the larger areas across the Uk and Ireland. So that there will be a trusted professional always convenient to you.

No Wait Appointments

All of our Partners will see people as quickly as possible, in particular for ear wax removal appointments. Avoid waiting by seeing one of them, when and where you need to.

Easy Contact

Either call them during their office hours or send a message online through their contact form and they will arrange your appointment immediately.

The Very Latest Hearing Aids

All of our Providers use only the very latest and best hearing aid technology from the best hearing aid brands. They combine that technology with outstanding levels of care and service

Top Hearing Care Professionals

Only trustworthy Independent hearing aid centres. Only people we trust, so You can be sure you will be getting the best possible care and access to a hand-picked network of top specialists.

Qualified, Professionals

We hope to soon be the largest UK & Ireland network of qualified hearing healthcare professionals. Professionals that you can trust to deliver the best hearing care and hearing aids.

Our Mission

Our mission here on Hearing Aid Know is to offer the very best advice on hearing aids and the people who provide them. Our focus is on honest advice that you can trust. With this in mind, we will not detail a hearing aid provider that we do not trust to provide you with the latest hearing aids and care you need to succeed.

Take A Look At The Network of Independent Hearing Aid Centres We Support in Your Country

Hearing Aids England

We have partnered with many Independent hearing aid centres across England and continue to build our network. We are trying to ensure that we can recommend at least one provider that can be trusted to deliver outstanding care in nearly every major area of England

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Hearing Aids Scotland

We have partnered with many Independent hearing aid providers across Scotland. We can recommend at least one hearing aid centre in nearly every major urban area of Scotland and we will continue to build our trusted network there.

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 Hearing Aids Ireland

We have partnered with many Independent hearing aid centres across Ireland and we continue to build our network there. We hope to be able to recommend at least one trusted hearing aid provider in nearly every major urban area of Ireland

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 Hearing Aids USA

We have partnered with some Independent hearing aid providers across the US. Our connections with the people we detail is usually personal and we know them well. As our network grows we hope to be able to give a recommendation for one in every major urban area across the US

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 Hearing Aids Australia

We have partnered with many Independent hearing aid centres across Australia and we continue to build our network there. We hope to be able to recommend at least one trusted hearing aid provider in nearly every major urban area of Australia

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Why Independent Hearing Aid Providers?

We support Independent hearing aid providers for a number of reasons, although primary among them is the recognised level of care and service they offer. Which?, the well-respected consumer magazine found in a survey of their members that Independent hearing aid providers came out on top for products/pricing, staff/service, and arrangements/facilities. This was just further validation of what we know to be true, Independent hearing aid providers offer a real choice in hearing aids, keen hearing aid pricing and a better level of service and aftercare. Let's take a more in-depth look at what we think they have to offer. 

A committed and skilful hearing professional is imperative for you!

What does it matter to you?

As we said, you might not know it, but a good hearing professional is imperative for you. We don't want you to find that out the hard way. For you to get the best out of any hearing aids you buy, you will need a committed and skilful professional to help you. Independent professionals are local business people who rely on the word of mouth of their customers. The fact that if they don't treat people right, they don't eat, seems like a pretty big incentive. However, more often than not, they are genuinely caring and committed to offering the very best service.

You probably won't find many others who are as committed to ensuring you have the best experience. Because a hearing aid provider is Independent, he or she does not have to march to the company guidelines when it comes to providing hearing aids. It merely means that they will recommend hearing aids that are right for you and your lifestyle needs. Hearing healthcare professionals in National businesses will always try to do the same, but because of company policies and changing commercial arrangements, they may have to do so within a limited choice. 

A choice of hearing aids at very keen prices

When we say Independent, what we mean is a small local business owner who is not part of a large chain like Boots, Amplifon, Specsavers, Costco or Connect Hearing. The word Independent also has other significant meanings within the hearing aid profession. An Independent hearing aid provider is a business that is not owned by, nor has binding agreements with any hearing aid manufacturer. This means that they can and often do, offer a vast choice of hearing aids from all of the world leading hearing device manufacturers. They also provide that choice at prices that can often be between 30 and 50% cheaper than big box stores. 

Hearing aids are not like glasses, you can not just put them on and walk away. You will need the care and support of a dedicated professional

The aftercare & support you need

Independent hearing aid providers offer high levels of service and aftercare as standard. They usually have set up their businesses so that they can do just that. National hearing aid providers are getting better and better at looking after their customers. However, everything within those providers is usually to a rigid plan. Independents are genuinely flexible in their approach, delivering the service and aftercare that is needed when it is required. This is more important than you may think, hearing aids are not like glasses, you can not just put them on and walk away. You will need the care and support of a dedicated professional. 

Local hearing aid companies providing continuity of service to their community

Independent hearing aid providers are local hearing aid companies offering services to their community. They are also here to stay, they have committed to opening a business and supporting the local economy. When you deal with an Independent hearing aid provider, you can expect to be dealing with that same provider for many years. Turnover of hearing professionals in National businesses tends to be high, and you often can't expect to see the same professional all of the time. When dealing with healthcare, trust and the consistent care of one professional will matter. Building a relationship with a new professional takes time and energy, energy that can be better spent on making sure you get the very best from your hearing aids. 

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The best rechargeability solution in the hearing aid industry.

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