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Independent Honest Advice on Hearing Aids & Hearing Care

Who are we, an existential question if ever I heard one, we are two blokes (I'm fat he is skinny, no Laurel and Hardy jokes please) who have varied experience with, and expertise around, hearing aids and hearing care. I was a hearing aid dispenser and then worked for a hearing aid manufacturer. Steve has been wearing hearing aids with varied success since he was a child. So you could say we have a lot of experience. We have collaborated for years and and in late 2016 we decided that what people needed was clear, no gobbledygook, honest advice on hearing care, earwax removal and hearing aids. There were a lot of sites around that professed to be hearing aid advice sites when they were really thinly veiled sales vehicles. We thought we could do better, giving completely unbiased advice.

We have experience with both the hearing aid profession (Hearing Aid Dispensers) and the hearing aid industry (Manufacturers) . We thought it would be a good idea to make this experience and knowledge available to you. So, we will provide information on Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals and the hearing aids and hearing care they provide across the UK. We don't want to sell you anything, (that's a lie, buy the batteries from our online shop when we put it up, it stops our wives from beating us) we simply want to turn incomprehensible, into plain speaking. If we aren't succeeding, let us know. 


Steve Claridge

Steve has had hearing loss from childhood, it has successfully gotten worse over the years and now he suffers a profound hearing loss. He is a software engineer and likes fiddling, like me he tends to look at stuff and say why?! He also tends to try and fix it, that's probably why both of us are doing this. Steve's perspective is very much on the customer's side. Because he is a nerd, he believes in the power of technology and thinks it can help solve our problems. I tend to agree with him, he has always agitated for a better deal and a better service for people with hearing loss and has become a respected advocate for people with hearing loss. Steve has a good understanding of hearing aids and of hearing care, he will use his perspective as a customer to give you information from his point of view. 


Geoffrey Cooling
The Eccentric

I first started in hearing healthcare working for a well respected national provider of hearing aids in the UK & Ireland. I loved my job and got huge pleasure out of dealing with customers and overcoming technical issues in their hearing aids. I was approached to work for an international hearing aid manufacturer as their sales manager in Ireland. It was a fantastic hearing aid manufacturer and a real challenge, so I launched myself at it and left practice behind. I now work with Steve on several projects but I still do locum services in Ireland. I have a really good understanding of the technology involved in hearing aids and hearing care. I hope that you will agree that I also have a knack for turning hearing aid gibberish into understandable language. I am completely irreverent and sometimes my sense of humour gets the best of me, please ignore me when it happens. 

Looking For Clear Honest Advice on Hearing Aids & Hearing Care?

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Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids are truly amazing devices, the technology has improved so much over the last few years that it continually astonishes me. For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to understand the secret world of hearing aid technology. What features are good, what features aren't so good, what technology will actually make a difference?

These are hard questions for many people to answer when they are trying to research. We will do our best to give answers to those questions, answers that are easily understood and will give you clear ideas about real-world benefits. Genuinely, if we don't answer the question to your satisfaction, contact us, we will always do our best to make sure you have the information to make good purchase decisions about hearing aids. 

Hearing Care

The very same can be said about hearing care, during a hearing test, what procedures actually matter and what information do they provide? How do you know if the service and aftercare are good bad or indifferent? Again, we will detail the services available, give you an example of the gold standard or best practice and explain very clearly what happens and why it is important.

We have also met a huge amount of really good, committed practitioners along the way. We will detail who they are, what they offer and why we think they are a good choice for you if you are in their area.