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Free Online Hearing Test

Worried about your hearing?

Our free, quick and easy-to-use hearing test lets you assess your hearing without have to leave the house.

You'll need headphones, ear-buds or your PC's speaker to listen to the tests - just click the picture of what you are using to get started. The full test won't take more than 5 minutes to complete and will give you an accurate reading of how well you are hearing.

We ask you for your age and gender at the start of the test as this allows us to give more accurate results and determine whether you have normal hearing for someone of you age. You can optionally also let us know your name and email address, if you do we will email you a copy of your test results along with some suggestions of what to do if you have a hearing loss.

How It Works

To put it simply: you listen to a number of different sounds and select at what volume you can hear them.

At the start of the test you can play "a sample tone" this allows you to set your headphones, ear-buds or speaker to a volume that you can barely hear - this sets a baseline for the test and helps us give you accurate results.

The test itself is 16 different sounds, when a sound is played to you there is a slider on the screen that you move left/right to increase/decrease the volume until you can barely hear it.

Once you've listened to all 16 sounds and indicated the volume you can hear them at we will show you a graph of your results and also let you know whether your result indicates a hearing problem.