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Welcome to the Hearing Aid Know Podcast page where you can find all of our latest podcasts.

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Talking about hearing aids, hearing loss and hearing care

We decided to introduce a Podcast series to complement our blog articles, we felt it made a lot of sense. Not only will it allow you to listen on the go as opposed to reading the article, but it will also allow us to offer deeper discussion and investigation of the subject when it makes sense.

We will continue to add to the catalogue and embed the podcasts on the pages that they make reference to as we go. The box below will contain the latest podcasts so you can go to our SoundCloud page to take a look at the full series. 

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Episode One: Let's talk about hearing loss

In this episode, I discuss hearing loss and why it isn't what you think

Episode Two: Let's talk about rechargeable hearing aid technology

In this episode, I talk about why rechargeable hearing aid technology has exploded in popularity and why Lithium-ion may well be the future of hearing aid power.

Episode Three: Let's talk about hopi ear candles

In this episode, I investigate the almost magical powers of Hopi Ear Candles, succinctly put, just don't do it. Travel along with me while I discover the amazing and often hilarious powers of burning candles.

Episode Four: Let's talk about hearing aid types

In this episode, I speak about the different hearing aid types and their pros and cons. This episode is a little longer than the usual but it covers the hearing aid types in an in-depth manner. 

Episode Five: Let's talk about hydrogen peroxide and hearing loss

In this episode, I look at earwax removal eardrop solutions, specifically hydrogen peroxide and Earwax MD. 

Episode Six: Let's talk about Made For Android Hearing Aids

In this episode, I discuss why it has taken so long for Made For Android hearing aids to become a reality. I also discuss the new LiNX Quattro and give a brief overview of my day to day experiences with the device. I also discuss the new Phonak Marvel hearing aids and why I think they are fantastically interesting hearing aids for anyone with an Android phone. 

Episode Seven: A conversation about the future of hearing aids with Achin Bhowmik

In this episode, I interview Achin Bhowmik PHD, the Chief Technology Officer of Starkey about the new features within the new Livio AI hearing aid. We discuss core features, ancillary features and what he sees as the future.

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