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The Beginners Guide to Buying a Hearing Aid

Everything you need to know to buy the right hearing aid for you

Not sure which hearing aid is right for you?

We know that buying a hearing aid isn't always easy, they are expensive items and you want to get it right and not waste your money. This page contains all the best articles we've written over the years about buying hearing aids, the different types that are available, buying options, financial help, the brands and the technology they offer.

Bringing Someone to Your Hearing Test and Beyond

I had an interesting experience yesterday that brought home the reason why we always ask for a family member to attend a hearing test. The Patient scored themselves very lowly on their hearing handicap form, while the family member scored them rather highly according to their perception of what was going on. When I began to discuss this with them, it was obvious that there was a large disparity between how good the Patient thought their hearing was and what everyone else thought. The reason why is relatively simple and it isn't the most obvious one of pure denial, there is a bit more going on than that.

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Understanding Your Hearing Test Results

An audiogram is the document that we use in Practice to record of a hearing test. In other words, it is the hearing test graph that we record the hearing test results on to show how well a person can hear different types of sounds. It is used to determine if a person has a hearing loss, and if so, how bad that loss is. In essence the audiogram is a record of the lowest sounds you can hear.

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Buying Hearing Aids - what you need to know

Buying hearing aids is a big decision, it is also an intimidating prospect for someone new to the process. There is a lot of information available but often it is technobabble or difficult to understand for the uninitiated. So we decided to try and help out with a clear explanation of what the process is and what you need to know to make you a better hearing aid buyer.

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Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Damned Much?

Cost is always a major factor in the hearing aid buying decision and they can be expensive items. In this article Geoff covers the reasons why hearing aids are priced as they are.

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The Latest and Best Hearing Aids For 2018

A look at the best hearing aid technology that hit the market in 2018. Phonak, GN ReSound and others improved their Bluetooth streaming to deliver amazing sound from connected devices. There were several rechargeable hearing aids released, doing away with the hassle of having to change batteries at inconvinient times. Starkey, Oticon, Signia, Unitron and Bernafon all released great hearing aids in 2018, all manufacturers continue to push the technology boundaries to enable better hearing.

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Does it Make Sense to Buy Older Hearing Aids?

I have noticed more than a few times on the web older hearing aid technology being marked as obsolete, do not buy. I don't necessarily agree, I understand why they are marked obsolete and it is a great service for the consumer, however, the do not buy statement, I don't necessarily agree with, let's talk about buying older hearing aid technology.

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Receiver In Canal The Ear Hearing Aids (RIC)

Receiver In Canal or Receiver In The Ear (depends on the hearing aid brand) hearing aids are both versatile and discreet. In the recent past, they have got smaller, more versatile and more powerful. Let's talk about RIC hearing aids.

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Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)

Behind The Ear or BTE hearing aids have been around for a very long time. In the recent past, they have got smaller, more versatile and more powerful. Let's talk about BTE hearing aids.

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Invisible Hearing Aids (IIC)

Invisible hearing aids are probably some of the most popular hearing devices. In the recent past, they have got smaller, more versatile and more powerful. Let's talk about Invisible hearing aids.

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What Can You Expect From Hearing Aids?

So you have taken the first step to hearing better, you have bought a set of hearing aids. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you. Well done, I do understand that for some people, this is a huge step. I won't get into what I think of the stigma that exists and the psychological tricks that we play on ourselves. I will just admit I understand them and congratulate you for overcoming them. But what happens now and what can you expect?

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Looking for Bluetooth Hearing Aids on a Budget?

We would all like a top of the range something, for me, it would probably be a laptop. Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing something, we have to cut our cloth to our budget. When it comes to hearing aids, sometimes that makes for tough decisions. However, with the introduction of a slew of new devices from hearing aid brands, losing out on Bluetooth connectivity is not one of them.

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What's Happening in The Rechargeable Hearing Aids Space

Modern rechargeable hearing devices have really taken off in popularity. Every one of the big six hearing aid brands now offers at least one style of rechargeable solution. Phonak has the most extensive range of rechargeable hearing aids with multiple device types aimed at multiple wearer categories.

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Hearing Aids Prices Are A Rip Off!

It irritates me when I see talk about the rip off that hearing aids are, a conspiracy by a monopoly to keep prices high! But are they, is there any truth in the rip off claim? I want to talk about hearing aids, their prices, what goes into them and what you should expect for your money. By the end of this article, I hope you should be able to make up your own mind.

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What's The Best Hearing Aids For an Active Lifestyle?

So, you need hearing aids, but you aren't quite ready for a pipe and slippers! I don't see why having a hearing loss should change your life, in fact, I believe a well fitted set of modern hearing aids will ensure that it doesn't. The answer to the question is really how active are you and what do you like to do?

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Widex hearing aids

Widex models including the Unique and Evoke Range

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron models including the Tempus and Max Range

Starkey hearing aids

Starkey models including the Made For iPhone Range

ReSound Hearing Aids

Resound models including the Linx 3D and Quattro Range

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon models including the new Opn S Brain Hearing Technology

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia models including the Styletto Connect and Nx Made For iPhone Technology range

Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon models including the amazing Zerena range

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak models including the Belong and Marvel Range

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

A bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) is a type of hearing aid which uses bone conduction of sound to deliver better hearing. BAHAs are primarily used for people who have conductive hearing losses and people with single-sided deafness. Sometimes, they are used for people who cannot wear traditional types of hearing aids. They are more expensive than traditional hearing aids, and their placement involves invasive surgery. As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications, although generally, any complications are usually minor.

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CROS and Bi-CROS Hearing Aid & Solutions for Single Sided Hearing Loss

Single-sided deafness (SSD) causes real problems, even if the better ear has excellent hearing. Single-sided deafness can lead to increased stress and anxiety for people who suffer from it. Quite often, they will begin to avoid social interaction, due to difficulty in following conversations. CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Signal) systems were designed so that people with SSD could have access to sound from their bad side.

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