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Understanding Your Wants and Needs.

We want a clear idea about your wants and needs moving forward. We wish to understand what you want from hearing aids and the people who provide them. To get the information we need, we are going to run regular surveys. Please help us, help you. These surveys are for consumers, not hearing care professionals, however, if you are a hearing care professional who wears hearing aids, we would welcome your input. Your input will help to shape the future of hearing aids so it is important that you have your say

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This HearingAidKnow survey has been developed in partnership with GN Hearing UK, with the view to understand the experiences of those impacted by hearing loss in the UK. The survey will explore a number of themes related to hearing loss in the UK, including engagement with care, support services needed and the emotional and physical impact of hearing loss. This survey is anonymous, and the data will be held by HearingAidKnow and GN Hearing UK only. HearingAidKnow and GN Hearing UK will use the data to inform the support they offer and raise awareness of hearing loss in the UK. This data will not be shared with any third-parties.