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Widex Dream 220 Hearing Aids

Widex Dream 220


The Dream 220 is one of the Dream range of hearing aids from Widex. It is available in a number of different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITE (In the Ear) and CIC (Completely in Canal). The Dream 220 has been replaced by the Unique 220 which you can read about here.

These hearing aids are available in four different levels of technology with the Dream 220 being the third level in the range. You can read about the latest hearing aids from Widex here.You can read about all of the best hearing aids brands here.

The Widex Dream 220 works on the new True ISP platform technology. This offers the wearer even better sound quality and faster sound processing

Along with True ISP, Widex are also trying to improve your hearing by making the whole experience more personal. To do this, they have created a website called MY.WIDEX.COM. This site is designed specifically for hearing aid users and contains all the information you need to understand your hearing loss. It explains your audiogram, your hearing aid technology and gives you greater access to customer feedback.

They have also created some new features that have been designed to be more personal for each individual

Personal Acclimatisation

With this feature, you can personalise the hearing aids for your needs by controlling the level and pace of acclimatisation

Personal Audibility Extender

This increases the audibility of the higher frequency sounds that you may have been unable to hear

Widex have also used the True ISP technology to improve on some of the key features from their previous ranges.

5 Channels

This is significantly fewer channels than the 440 or 330 but still allows the hearing aids t be tuned for your hearing loss

3 Programmes

These manage your individual hearing needs in different listening environments.

Feedback Cancelling

This feature eliminates the whistling feedback noise that can sometimes occur

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction feature identifies background noise and then suppresses it to keep the speech sounds clearer

The Dream 330 is also compatible with the DEX range of wireless accessories from Widex. These accessories allow you to connect your hearing aids to various devices that you use regularly


This is a handy remote control for your hearing aids that allows you to control basic functions such as volume and programme selection.


The TV-DEX will stream the sound from your television into your hearing aids. It's like wearing headphones without actually wearing them.


With this accessory you can enjoy conversations on your landline phone clearly and in both ears


The M-DEX lets you hear the conversation from your mobile phone in both ears and with the added benefit of being hands free.

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