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Widex Dream 440 Hearing Aids

Flagship Dream Hearing Aids

Widex Dream 440


The Dream 440 is part of the Dream range of hearing aids from Widex. It is available in a number of different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITE (In the Ear) and CIC (Completely in Canal). The Dream 440 has been replaced by the Unique 440 which you can read more about here.

These hearing aids are available in four different levels of technology with the Dream 440 being the highest in the range. You can take a look at the full range of Widex hearing aids here

The Widex Dream 440 contains the new platform technology from Widex known as True ISP. This technology means even better sound quality and faster processing.

With these new hearing aids, Widex want to make your listening experience feel more personal. To achieve this they have introduced a new website called MY.WIDEX.COM. This site is for hearing aid users and contains information about your devices, tips and advice and even a section that can explain your audiogram results.

They have also created some new ‘personal' features to make your listening experience even better. These features work both automatically and with the ability to perform manual adjustments.

Personal Acclimatisation

This feature allows the wearer to control the acclimatisation of the hearing aids, including level and pace

Personal Audibility Extender

This helps with the higher frequency sounds that you may have been unable to hear

Personal Zen

The Personal Zen feature uses different harmonic tones to mask the ringing or buzzing noise that tinnitus sufferers experience. This can ease the discomfort by drawing your attention away from the noise. This feature is only available on the Dream 440.

Widex have also used the True ISP technology to improve on some of the key features from their previous ranges.

15 Channels

These channels all process a different range of frequencies so you can hear more clearly

5 Programmes

These programmes can be set to manage your hearing loss in the different environments you are in most frequently. They can be easily selected so you always have clear and comfortable hearing

TruSound Softener 

Sudden loud noises can sometimes cause discomfort for hearing aid users. This feature is designed to soften these noises to maintain your comfort

Feedback Cancelling

This does what its name suggests. It suppresses any feedback noise to keep your hearing clear

Noise Reduction

This suppresses background noise and makes the speech sound clearer

Speech Enhancer SII

The Speech Enhancer will further improve speech quality by focusing on the voice you want to hear in a crowded situation.

Digital Pinna

Digital Pinna actually recreates the acoustics of your ears so the sound you receive is as natural as possible

The Widex Dream range is compatible with their DEX wireless accessories which give you the freedom to connect with different everyday devices such as phones or your television


This is a handy remote control for your hearing aids.


This accessory allows you to stream the sound from your television into the hearing aids. This means you can hear it at a level comfortable for you without having to wear headphones or increase the television volume to high levels


This device lets you hear the conversation from your landline phone in both ears at the same time.


This works in a similar way to the Phone-DEX but is for your mobile phone. You can enjoy a hands free conversation in both ears at the push of a button

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