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Widex Super 220 Hearing Aids

Entry Level Super Power Hearing Aids

Widex Super 220

Super 220 hearing aids

The Super range was created by Widex for people with a more severe or profound hearing loss. It has an impressive 143 dB output and an 87dB maximum gain and is also able to reduce wind noise by up to 18dB. You can take a look at the full range of Widex hearing aids here

The Super 220 is one of the most discreet super power instruments currently available as it comes as either an RITE (Receiver In The Ear) or RIC (Receiver In Canal). The 220 is the more basic model in this range and has fewer features than the more advanced 440 model but still offers the same power and long battery life.

People with a severe or profound hearing loss generally need to wear their hearing aids in all situations. With this in mind, Widex have made these hearing aids highly weatherproof so you can wear them in any conditions without risk of damage.

As mentioned above, the Widex Super range comes in 2 levels of technology, with the Super 220 being the low-end model in the range. It still offers the wearer a choice of colours to personalise the hearing aids.

As well as this new discreet design and extra power boost, the Widex Super hearing aids also have a range of the key features from Widex's new technology

5 Channels

This still allows the hearing aids to be programmed for your personal hearing loss but is significantly less than the 15 channels available on the more advanced Super 440.

3 Programmes

These allow you to program the hearing aids to manage your loss in the different everyday environments you are in.

Feedback Cancelling

The Super 220 still offers this key feature which prevents distortion by eliminating feedback noise

Noise Reduction

This is another key feature from Widex. It suppresses background noise so speech sounds are not lost beneath the noise in a difficult listening environment

Audibility Extender

This feature helps to bring high frequency sounds down into your audibility range.

Output Extender

By boosting bass sounds below 1 kHz, this feature helps you to hear the lower frequency sounds that may have previously been out of your range

Despite being the more basic model in this super power range, the Super 220 still offers connection to the DEX range of wireless accessories.


This small remote control lets you adjust things like programs and volume without the need to struggle with fiddly buttons on the hearing aids.


A severe or profound loss can often mean that things people take for granted, like watching TV, can be difficult. This accessory sends the sound from the television directly into your hearing aids which can reduce the need to turn the actual TV volume up to very high levels.


The Phone-DEX has been created to make calls on your landline phone clearer and easier. This accessory allows you to hear phone conversations in both ears at the same time.


The M-DEX is designed to make mobile phone conversations easier by allowing you to talk hands free and still hear the conversation in both ears.

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