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Phonak Audeo Q30

Audeo Q30

The Audeo Q30 was launched in 2013 and is the basic level of technology in the Quest RIC (Receiver in Canal) range available from Phonak. The Audeo Quest is available in four technology levels with the Q30 being the lowest in the range. The Audeo Q30 range has been replaced by the Audeo V30 which you can read about here.  You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

This hearing aid comes in three different RIC styles.

The Audeo Q-312 is the smallest, most discreet of the Audeo Q's and is wireless compatible

The Audeo Q-312T is also wireless compatible and has an added Telecoil feature

The Audeo Q-10 is the non-wireless option in this range

The Audeo Q30 is available in several colours ranging from neutral tones to more vibrant shades

Although it is a more basic hearing aid, the Audeo Q30 still contains Phonak's new Quest platform technology which is the replacement for their previous Spice chip platform. This new technology means faster sound processing and even better sound quality than the Audeo S1 as well as improved features

Binaural VoiceStream means your hearing aids can now share information with each other using wireless technology to enhance the listening experience. Along with this, these new features have been added

Acclimatisation Manager

By analysing your environment, this feature can adjust amplification levels automatically when required

Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator

This is designed to ease the symptoms of tinnitus by using sounds to mask the ringing noise. The Tinnitus Balance App which is compatible with Apple and Android devices, gives you access to more sounds so you can choose the sounds that work best for you

Many of the Key features from the previous Audeo S range have been improved using the Quest platform.

8 Channels

This is the lowest number of channels available in the Audeo range but still means your hearing aids can be tuned to match your individual hearing loss


This feature improves your ability to hear higher frequency sounds that may have previously been difficult or impossible to hear


This microphone features uses binaural technology to enhance both speech capture and noise reduction

Whistleblock and Noiseblock

These block out unwanted feedback and background noises allowing you to hear the speech sounds clearly

Some of the Audeo Q30 styles are still compatible with Phonak's wireless accessories. This means you can connect your Phonak hearing aids to devices such as televisions, music players and mobile phones.

Phonak Compilot

This is the streamer that relays the signal from your other accessories into your hearing aids. It can be conveniently worn around the neck leaving you completely hands free.

Phonak TV Link S

This is connected to your television to transmit the sound into your hearing aids via the Compilot. It also acts as a charger for your Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

A remote control that allows you to adjust the basic functions of your hearing aids. It also has an easy to use display screen


This small, basic remote control can be attached to your key ring.


You can use this device to hold a normal conversation even in a difficult listening environment. Simply attach it to the other person's clothes and it will stream their voice into the hearing aids.

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