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Phonak Audeo Q90


The Audeo Q90 is one of the Quest RIC (Receiver in Canal) models launched in 2013. It is available in four technology levels with the Q90 being the highest of the four. The Audeo Q90 has been replaced by the Audeo V90 which you can read about here. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

This hearing aid comes in three RIC variations that differ in style and features.

The Audeo Q-312 is the most cosmetic of the three and has wireless capability

The Audeo Q-312T also has an attractive design and wireless capability but also includes Telecoil

The Audeo Q-10 is the non-wireless option in this range

As well as having a cosmetic design and a choice of styles, the Audeo Q90 also has a number of different colours to choose from

The main addition to these hearing aids is Binaural VoiceStream. This allows the hearing aids to wirelessly communicate so they work together to improve your hearing. This binaural technology has led to the introduction of the following features.

Acclimatisation Manager

This feature automatically detects when the amplification of the hearing aids needs to be changed. It analyses your environment and then smoothly adapts the hearing aids to give you the best sound.

Auto SteroZoom

This feature uses the hearing aids microphones to identify a specific voice in a crowd. It will then focus on this voice and suppress all the background noise from other directions

Speech in Wind

This feature is designed to give you a clear signal even in a windy situation. It will detect which side is getting a clearer signal and send this signal to the other side

Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator

This feature uses different sounds that draw your attention away from the ringing noise of tinnitus. There is also a Tinnitus Balance App which is compatible with Apple and Android devices that gives you access to a range of different sounds so you can choose the one that suits you

20 Channels

The more sound processing channels your hearing aid has, the more specifically it can be tuned to your hearing loss by processing the different frequencies


Many people have difficulty with the higher frequency sounds. This feature improves your ability to hear these frequencies giving you better hearing.


These features are all binaural microphone applications. Using Phonak's new technology they will further improve speech capture and the level of noise reduction


Soundflow ensures your hearing remains clear and comfortable by detecting the changes in your listening environment and adapting accordingly.


This feature is designed to cushion any unexpected loud noise to maintain your listening comfort

Whistleblock, Noiseblock, Echoblock and Windblock

Things such as feedback or background noise can reduce the quality of sound you hear. These features are all designed to block these unwanted noises.

As mentioned before, two of the three Audeo Q90 models are compatible with Phonak's range of wireless accessories. This technology allows you to connect your hearing aids to a number of devices that you frequently use.

Phonak Compilot

This handy streamer can be worn around your neck to transmit the signal from other accessories into your hearing aids

Phonak TV Link S

When used with the Compilot, this device can send the sound from your television into your hearing aids making it easier to hear. It also means you do not have to adjust the TV volume itself. The TV Link S also works as a charger for the Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

This remote control allows you to adjust things like volume and programme settings. It has a handy one touch display screen.


This is a basic remote control that can be attached to a set of keys.


When clipped onto another person's clothes, this device can stream their voice directly into your hearing aids so you can always enjoy a clear one to one conversation

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