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Phonak Bolero Q30


The Phonak Bolero Q30 is one of their Quest range of BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids launched in 2013. It has four different models, a standard BTE, Micro BTE, Power BTE and Super Power BTE. The Bolero Q30 has been replaced by the Bolero V30 which you can read about here. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Bolero Q is available at four different levels of technology with the Q30 being the lowest. Although it is still a good hearing aid, it has fewer features than the three more advanced models in the range. It still offers a range of colours including the hair and skin tone options.

The new Quest technology meant that you received an overall better quality of sound due to faster processing and improved features. The one drawback of this more basic model is that it does not include some of the new binaural technology. For example, The Bolero Q30 does not offer Binaural Voicestream which allows hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with each other. This feature is available on all other Bolero Q models.

As we mentioned before, many of Phonak's features were improved thanks to the introduction of the Quest platform technology.

8 Channels

This is quite a low number of channels but this is due to the Bolero Q30 being a basic model. It still allows the hearing aids to be tuned for your personal hearing loss.


This helps to bring the higher frequency sounds down to a level that is within your personal audibility range.


Ultrazoom uses a basic form of binaural microphone technology to improve both speech capturing and noise cancellation

Whistleblock and Noiseblock

These features are designed to minimise distortion, specifically by eliminating background noise and feedback

Everyday Automatic

This feature is only found on the Bolero Q30 level of technology. It can automatically adapt the hearing aids when you are in noisy environments so you always hear speech clearly.

Although this hearing aid is a basic model, it is still compatible with Phonak's range of wireless accessories allowing you to connect to a range of everyday devices

Phonak Compilot

This streamer is conveniently worn around your neck and is used to transmit the sounds you're your other devices directly into your hearing aids.

Phonak TV Link S

When used with your Compilot accessory, this device will transmit the sound from your television into the hearing aids. This means you can adjust the volume easily without disturbing others and also helps you to hear more clearly. It also doubles as a charger for your Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

This is a simple, one touch remote control with a display screen that allows you to adjust programmes and volume settings.


This is a handy remote control that is small enough to be attached to a key ring


The RemoteMic allows you to enjoy a normal conversation however noisy the environment may be. It is attached to another person's clothes and streams their voice directly into your hearing aids through the Compilot accessory.

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