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Phonak Bolerp Q90


The Bolero Q90 is the range of BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids from Phonak launched in 2013. It comes in four different models, a standard BTE, Micro BTE, Power BTE and Super Power BTE. The Bolero Q90 has been replaced by the Bolero V90 which you can read about here. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Bolero Q is available at three different levels of technology with the Q90 being the top level of the range. It has the highest number of sound processing channels and the most features of all the Bolero hearing aids.

These hearing aids can be personalised with a number of different colour options, including some new hair and skin tone variations that have been introduced.

Quest allowed Phonak to not only improve the processing speed and sound quality of their hearing aids, but they have been able to introduce some previously unseen features. One of the most significant is Binaural VoiceStream. This feature means that your hearing aids will now communicate wirelessly with each other and share information to ensure you are always receiving the clearest signal. Thanks to this new technology, Phonak have been able to add the following to the Bolero's range of features.

Acclimatisation Manager

In different environments, it is often necessary to change the hearing aid's level of amplification. This feature is able to detect changes and adjust this automatically for you but still allows manual adjustment when required.

Auto SteroZoom

This feature works with the hearing aid's microphones to keep speech sounds as clear as possible. It will identify and then focus on the voice you are listening to and then automatically exclude unwanted noise from other directions.

Speech in Wind

Wind noise can often cause distortion and reduce the clarity of sound you are hearing. Using binaural technology, this feature will assess which hearing aid is receiving a clearer signal and then stream this signal to the other aid to keep the sound as clear as possible.

As we mentioned before, Phonak have kept many of the excellent features from their previous range but using their new Quest platform, have made them even better.

20 Channels

Sound processing channels allow your hearing aids to be tuned exactly for your individual hearing loss by processing different frequencies


This feature keeps the sound clear and natural by improving your ability to hear the higher frequencies


These features all relate to the hearing aid's microphones. Using the binaural technology, they improve both speech capturing and noise cancellation

Soundflow with Flex Control

Soundflow can detect small changes in your environment and then smoothly adapts your program automatically to keep your hearing clear and comfortable. The flex control feature then allows you to make real time adjustments.


This maintains listening comfort by automatically reducing the gain when a sudden loud noise is detected

Whistleblock, Noiseblock, Echoblock and Windblock

These block features are all designed to remove noise and distortion to ensure the sound and speech you hear is clear and natural. They suppress things such as feedback and background noise.

Acoustically Optimised Vent (AOV)

Some people report a blocked up feeling when wearing hearing aids. This is known as occlusion and can reduce your listening quality or comfort. The AOV is designed to minimise this and give you a more natural feeling.

The Bolero Q90 is also compatible with Phonak's wireless accessory range. This allows you to connect with a number of devices to make your overall hearing experience even better.

Phonak Compilot

Works in conjunction with the other accessories. This streamer is worn around the neck and transmits the sounds directly into your hearing aids.

Phonak TV Link S

This accessory will send the sound from your TV into your hearing aids, reducing the need to turn the volume up to high levels. It also doubles as a charger for your Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

This is an easy to use, one touch display remote control


A remote control small enough to be attached to a set of keys


This handy device helps you to hear normal conversation whatever the environment by transmitting a person's voice directly into your hearing aids.

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