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Phonak Naida Q50


The Naida Q50 is a super power hearing aid available from Phonak. It is available in three different styles which include 2 BTE (Behind the Ear) models and an RIC (Receiver in Canal) model. These hearing aids have been created for people with a more severe or profound hearing loss. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Naida Q is available at four different levels of technology with the Q50 being the third level of the range. It still has the sleek design and range of colour options but lacks some of the features available on the more advanced models.

Although it is a lower technology level, the Naida Q50 still features Phonak's new Binaural VoiceStream. This technology allows the hearing aids to wirelessly communicate and share information. This binaural technology promises faster signal processing and has led to improvements in the hearing aid features.

Acclimatisation Manager

This feature will detect any changes in your listening situation or environment and then adapt the hearing aids to suit your needs. The amplification will be adjusted automatically to ensure your listening comfort. This feature also allows manual adjustments if you require.

12 Channels

Although this is a lower number than the Q90 or Q70, these channels will still process the different frequencies to make the hearing aids work for your individual needs.


Some people find that the higher frequency sounds are out of their range of audibility. This feature lowers these frequencies to a level that you can hear.


This microphone feature uses the new binaural technology to improve the clarity of speech and effectiveness of noise reduction


The Soundflow feature is designed to detect even small changes in your environment and then adjust the hearing aids to keep your hearing smooth, clear and comfortable.

Whistleblock and Noiseblock

These two features reduce background noise and the whistling feedback sounds to eliminate distortion and keep the speech sounds clear.

The Naida Q50 hearing aids are still compatible with Phonak's range of wireless accessories. If you have difficulty hearing the television or conversations on your mobile phone then these accessories can offer a solution

Phonak Compilot

This small streamer is worn around the neck to transmit the signal from various Phonak accessories into your hearing aids.

Phonak TV Link S

This device reduces the need for turning your television volume up to high levels by streaming the sound straight to your hearing aids, giving you more control over your comfort levels. This device is also a charger for the Compilot streamer.

Phonak MyPilot

This is a small remote control with easy push buttons and a clear display screen. It allows you to adjust functions such as volume level or program settings on your hearing aids.

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