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Phonak Naida Q70


The Naida Q70 is one of the range of super power hearing aids launched in 2013 available from Phonak. They are available in three different styles which include 2 BTE (Behind the Ear) models and an RIC (Receiver in Canal) model. These hearing aids are designed for people with a more severe or profound hearing loss. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Naida Q is available at four different levels of technology with the Q70 being the second level of the range. It offers an attractive design and a range of different colour options.

Like all hearing aids in Phonak's Quest range, the Naida Q70 features Binaural VoiceStream. This new technology means your hearing aids will communicate wirelessly with each other and share information. This binaural technology means better signal processing and has led to the introduction of some new features

Acclimatisation Manager

The acclimatisation manager is designed to analyse your environment to ensure you always receive the best signal possible. It detects changes in your environment and adapts the hearing aid's amplification to compensate. You can also make manual adjustments if needed.

16 Channels

These channels allow the hearing aids to be programmed for your personal hearing loss by processing different sound frequencies


This feature helps you to hear the higher frequency sounds by bringing them down to a level within your audibility range.


These are microphone features that use binaural technology to improve both the clarity and audibility of speech while keeping out any noise that may cause distortion


Soundrelax reduces the gain automatically on your hearing aids when an unexpected loud noise occurs. This prevents any discomfort from the shock of sudden sounds.


This feature detects the changes your environment or situation and then smoothly adapts to ensure you never lose comfort or clarity

Whistleblock, Noiseblock and Windblock

These features reduce any distortion or feedback by blocking out the sounds that may reduce the clarity of speech sounds

The Naida Q70 hearing aids are also compatible with a range of wireless accessories that have been created by Phonak. These allow you to connect with the various audio devices you use regularly.

Phonak Compilot

The streamer is required to relay the signal from the other accessories into the hearing aids. It can be worn around your neck to allow a completely hands free listening experience

Phonak TV Link S

When used with your streamer, this device can send the sound from your television directly into your Naida Q aids. This gives you more control over the volume level without having to wear headphones or increase the actual TV volume. It can also be used as a charging unit for the Compilot.

Phonak MyPilot

This remote control has a small, attractive design and an easy display screen. It lets you control basic volume and program settings with a simple push button device

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