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Phonak Virto Q90 Hearing Aids

Virto Q90

The Virto Q90 is one of Phonak's range of ITE (In the Ear) hearing aids. They have been replaced by the Phonak Virto V90 range which you can see here.  They are available in four different custom styles, ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal) and CIC (Completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal) The IIC is also referred to as the Virto Q Nano. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Virto Q is available in three different levels of technology with the Q90 being the top level of the range. It has the highest number of sound processing channels and the most features of all the Virto hearing aids.

The Quest sound processing allowed Phonak to not only improve the speed and sound quality of the hearing aids, but they have been able to introduce some brand new features.

One of the most advanced is Binaural VoiceStream. This feature means that the hearing aids are now capable of communicating with each other to give you an even better hearing experience. By sharing information, the two hearing aids will now work together for your hearing loss.

Acclimatisation Manager

It is often necessary to change the level of amplification in your hearing aids if the environment. This feature detects these changes and adjust the amplification automatically for you but still allows manual adjustment if needed.

Auto SteroZoom

This feature uses the hearing aid's microphones to keep speech sounds as clear as possible. It will identify and focus on the voice you want to hear and then automatically block out unwanted noise from other directions.

Speech in Wind

Distortion from wind noise can often cause a problem o this feature is designed to help. Using the binaural technology, the hearing aids will detect which side is receiving a clearer sound and stream that signal to the other side.

20 Channels

More channels means your hearing aids can be tuned precisely for your individual hearing loss by processing many different frequencies


This feature improves your ability to hear the higher frequencies ensuring a clear and natural sound


These features are all microphone applications that use the binaural technology to improve both speech capturing and noise cancellation

Soundflow with Flex Control

Soundflow detects small changes in your environment and then smoothly adapts the program automatically to ensure your hearing is always clear and comfortable. The flex control feature allows you to make real time adjustments.


When an unexpected loud noise occurs, this feature softens the impact to maintain your listening comfort

Whistleblock, Noiseblock, Echoblock and Windblock

These features are all designed to block unwanted sounds such as feedback, distortion or background noise.

Acoustically Optimised Vent (AOV)

Occlusion can reduce your listening quality or comfort by making your ears feel blocked. The AOV is designed to minimise this feeling and give you a more natural experience.

Many of the models in the Virto Q90 range are still compatible with wireless accessories allowing you to connect the hearing aids with your different everyday devices.

The Virto Q90 Nano (IIC) is not compatible with the following accessories. It does, however, have its own remote control known as the MiniControl. It is a discreet little device that is small enough to fit on a key ring.

Phonak Compilot

This is a streamer that is worn around the neck to transmit the sound directly from the different accessories into your hearing aids.

Phonak TV Link S

This device will stream the sound from your TV into your hearing aids so it sounds clear and can be adjusted to the volume you need. It also doubles as a charger for your Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

This is a simple one touch remote control with display screen


This is a basic remote control that can be attached to a set of keys.


This device helps you to enjoy normal conversation whatever the environment by transmitting the other person's voice directly into your hearing aids, suppressing the background noise.

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