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“Five Stars to Steve Romeo, Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Quality Hearing Aids. His patience and knowledge of hearing aids and hearing sciences are both amazing. Purchasing your hearing aids from Quality Hearing Aids will be a very rewarding and pleasant experience.”

T Ruppert
Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss

With two hearing aid stores in Las Vegas, Quality Hearing Aids is dedicated to offering the very best hearing aids combined with outstanding care and service.

The Staff at Quality Hearing Aids prides themselves on providing hearing solutions that are customized to each patient’s individual needs. They say that the most important part of what they do is that they listen to You.

50 Years Hearing Aid Experience

Steve Romeo and Kent Davenport have a combined fifty years of experience delivering the very best hearing aids to their patients. They both have the in-depth expertise and understanding of hearing assistance technologies needed to specify and program the best product for Your hearing loss. In addition, they are committed to providing you with the most professional follow up and service available in Las Vegas today.

Their aim is to offer the most professional, up-to-date hearing care service possible – centred around cutting edge technology and patient satisfaction. They are dedicated to delivering cutting edge care, the best hearing aids and outstanding levels of customer care. Judging by the remarks of their customers, they are succeeding in doing so. 

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Hearing Tests & Hearing Aids Henderson

Hearing Aid Store Paradise Nevada

The Henderson hearing aid practice, located in the beautiful ViewPointe executive office building with ample parking, serves customers from all Boulder City, Henderson/Green Valley and across Las Vegas. Our Henderson Office is equipped with state of the art equipment in order to offer cutting edge diagnosis and hearing care service, including in-situ audiometry and extensive speech testing.


Quality Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests and Hearing Healthcare Henderson
ViewPointe Executive Suites 8275 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89123
+1 702 369 1321

Hearing Tests & Hearing Aids Summerlin

Hearing Aid Store Summerlin

The Summerlin hearing aid practice, located in the 10161 Building in Hughes Office Plaza at Charleston and Hualapai, serves customers from Summerlin, Queensridge/Rampart area, Mt. Charleston and across Las Vegas. Our Summerlin Office is equipped with state of the art equipment in order to offer cutting edge diagnosis and hearing care service, including in-situ audiometry and extensive speech testing.


Quality Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests and Hearing Healthcare Summerlin
Howard Hughes Plaza 10161 W Park Run Dr Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89145
+1 702 369 1321

Hearing Tests & Healthcare Services in Las Vegas

Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids
The Best Hearing Aids

They offer the very best hearing aids including rechargeable hearing aids and invisible hearing aids from world leading hearing aid brands. They will only provide the very latest devices available. 

Hearing Tests
Hearing Tests
Free Hearing Consultation

They provide comprehensive hearing tests using the very best equipment available. This ensures that They provide the best diagnostic results.

Hearing Aid Repairs
Hearing Aid Repair
All Make Hearing Aid Repairs

They offer all make hearing aid repairs, so no matter your hearing aid brand, They can organise repair and service of the device. 


Hearing protection
Hearing Protection
Noise Protection

Hearing is precious and you should protect yours, because once it is gone, it is gone forever. Hearing Matters offer custom hearing protection for all needs. 

Tinnitus Management
Tinnitus Therapy
Tinnitus Management Solutions

Tinnitus can't be cured, but it can be treated. Hearing Matters offers safe and proven therapies that will give you relief from your tinnitus. 

Hearing Aids
Invisible Hearing Aids
Small Discreet IIC Hearing Aids

They offer the very best invisible hearing aids from world leading hearing aid brands. The smallest, discreet digital hearing devices available including the Starkey SoundLens Synergy. 

Rated 5 out of /5 based on over 19 customer reviews

Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • “Steve and Shelly provide excellent service and a winning attitude for the hearing aids I bought there. The devices work beautifully and whenever there is a problem Steve and Shelly are Johnny on the spot! I have heartily recommended them to anyone I know and I look forward to working with you well into the future.”

    M. Madow, MD
    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • “I highly recommend QHA! The people there are helpful, courteous, friendly and know their profession. Their goal is to help you improve your quality of life --and not to just sell you something.”

    R Murphy
    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • “I have been very pleased with my entire experience with Quality Hearing Aids. Steve’s investment in the latest technology and his mastery of its use make a real difference. After 6 months of use, an adjustment to my right ear instrument was necessary and it made a major difference in my satisfactory hearing. Steve diagnosed and accomplished the “fine tuning” quickly and easily. I know that I made the right decision when I went with Quality Hearing Aids, Starkey and Steve Romeo.”

    Frank Warthen
    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss

Hearing Aid Prices

  • Starkey Muse Hearing Aids


    The Starkey Muse Range of hearing aids


    Whatever the situation, whatever your preference – whether it’s RIC (Receiver in Canal), BTE (Behind The Ear), Rechargeable hearing aids or ITE (In The Ear) hearing aids, there is a Muse device for you. With outstanding sound quality they are ideal for people who find themselves in demanding sound environments.

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  • Bragi Dash Pro Customised


    Dash Pro Customized

    The Dash Pro by Bragi Tailored by Starkey

    The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey device is manufactured in the same way a custom hearing aid is. The shape will be based on an exact impression of your ear canal which is taken by us. This type of custom fit will offer the best isolation and fit which will offer better clarity, detail, and no loss of bass frequencies. The devices use HearClear replaceable WaxGuards to allow for long-term wear, minimal cleaning and reliability.

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  • Starkey Halo2 Hearing Aids


    The Halo 2 Made For iPhone Hearing Aids by Starkey


    The Halo 2™ is Starkey's latest premium wireless Made For iPhone hearing solution with their all new Synergy® platform. Synergy is the only platform to feature quad core twin compressor technology and the first to provide supreme precision for audibility and the ultimate optimisation for listening enjoyment. Synergy, in combination with Acuity OS, their new high-definition operating system, enables speech and sounds like music to be processed uniquely for the first time ever

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  • Starkey SoundLens Synergy Hearing Aids


    The SoundLens Synergy Hearing Aids by Starkey

    Soundlens Synergy

    Starkey introduced the original SoundLens several years ago and updated it last year making the device even smaller and adding a second wireless invisible hearing aid to the line up. Wireless Invisible Hearing Aid. The wireless version of the SoundLens is no bigger than the older SoundLens type, so it will be a discreet deep fitting hearing aid. The wireless version is only available at the top level of technology. Technology Levels. The Soundlens is available in three levels of technology. The Premium i2400. The Advanced i2000. The Standard i1600

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Meet The Team

Delivering Outstanding Customer Care

Quality Hearing Aids


quality hearing aids kent davenport

Kent Davenport has over 4,600 successful hearing aid fittings to his credit and a devoted following throughout the Las Vegas Valley. His 34 years of experience in hearing care enables him to bring an extraordinarily high degree of intuition and understanding to each of his patients. One mark of his success is that more than several times he has fitted 2 generations of the same family


quality hearing aids shelly higham

In addition to having professional-grade customer service skills, Shelly is a successful small business owner who operated wholesale and full service retail floral shops for 20 years in 4 states. This experience gave her a total understanding of what customers expect from the businesses they patronize. 


quality hearing aids steve romeo

Steve's background includes technical training from Bose/MIT, JBL and HP, along with an extensive background in sound system design, acoustics and live performance audio. He has a thorough technical and personal understanding of how your hearing loss impacts you, because he has a hearing loss and has been programming his own hearing aids for 12 years.

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