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The essential guide for anyone thinking of buying a hearing aid

Our book walks you through selecting the right style of hearing aid, helps you make sense of all the different hearing technologies availablle and discusses the buying options available to you.

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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction including the lies we tell ourselves

2. Providers of hearing aids with a new section on online Providers

3. What do you need to think about when buying a hearing aid

4. What happens at the hearing test?

5. Understanding hearing loss and the audiogram

6. Choosing the right hearing aids

7. What if hearing aids are not enough

8. Why Real Ear Measurements are important

9. The advent of telecare

10. Understanding hearing aid pricing

11. Hearing Aid manufacturers with a new section on Costco

12. Different types of hearing aid

13. Wireless hearing aids Vs Made For iPhone

14. Made For Any Phone Hearing Aids

15. Rechargeable hearing aids and why you should consider them

16. Technology levels

17. Features of modern hearing aids

18. Buying over the counter

19. Clean & Care

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This section discusses the different features that are available on most modern hearing aids. These days, hearing aids do a lot more than just make things louder, they are constantly analysing your environment to give you the best possibe chance of hearing well. This chapter dives in to different features and explains why they will be useful for you.

What others are saying about the book

I love the book, it was really helpful. I had my hearing test today. I plan to read your book two more times because it has so much information, I can't remember it all....
Irma Penwell

Hearing aid market is very confusing and the aids very expensive to purchase. It is very unwise, even foolish, to spend this amount without understanding what you are getting for your money. This book helps the layman to make an informed choice for themselves, rather than placing their faith in a seller who very often will have a vested interest in recommending one particular aid or manufacturer.
Pr Edmunds

Having just had my hearing test and being informed that it’s time for me to get hearing aids, I was searching for a book that would help me understand the different types and the different levels of technology that are available. This book is exactly what I needed. As I read the book I began making a list of questions to ask my provider and a separate list of features I wanted in my hearing aids. This book has been invaluable in helping me narrow down the type and technology level I want in my hearing aids. Well worth the price!
Gregory L. Havican