Do you have a hearing problem?

Most hearing loss occurs gradually, so the symptoms are often difficult to recognise. It may take something specific for you to realise that your hearing has deteriorated, such as a someone telling you that they think you have a problem; it may take people a long time to let you know, they may not want to hurt your feelings by suggesting you are going deaf. Or, it may be that you failed to hear something that resulted in an accident or some kind of undesirable event; a window-cleaner shouting from atop his ladder to warn you of his falling bucket, for example.

Many people may come to the realisation that there is something wrong with their hearing but will refuse to accept it and try to make up excuses so that they can ignore the problem.

The list below shows some common symptoms of hearing loss:

  • People seem to be mumbling
  • You have to strain to hear when someone talks or whispers
  • You have difficulty hearing someone call from behind or in another room
  • You need to watch a speaker’s lips more closely to follow conversation
  • Following a conversation is difficult when you are in a group of people
  • You have to turn up the volume on the TV or radio
  • You have problems hearing clearly on the telephone
  • You have difficulty hearing at the theatre, cinema or other venues
  • You find it hard to hear in noisy restaurants or in the car
  • Family or friends mention that they often have to repeat themselves

If you are experiencing one or more of the problems listed above, you should get your hearing checked by a professional. Some types of hearing loss are reversible, you may be suffering needlessly.

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