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Phonak Bolero Q50

Bolero Hearing aids

The Phonak Bolero Q50 is one of their Quest range of BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids launched in 2012. It has four different models, a standard BTE, Micro BTE, Power BTE and Super Power BTE. The Bolero Q50 has been replaced by the Bolero V50 which you can read about here. You can take a look at the full range of Phonak hearing aids here

The Bolero Q is available at three different levels of technology with the Q50 being the lowest. Although a good hearing aid, it has fewer features than the Q90 or Q70. It is still available in a range of colours including the hair and skin tone options.

The Bolero Q50 has many of the same features as the Cassia but they have been improved thanks to the new Quest platform technology. The Cassia contained the previous Spice chip technology.

This Quest technology has led to the development of Binaural VoiceStream. This means that your hearing aids can now communicate with each other and share information to ensure you are always receiving the clearest signal. Thanks to this new technology, Phonak have also been able to add the Acclimatisation Manager which will detect different listening environments and automatically adjust the amplification to maintain the quality and clarity of your hearing.

12 Channels

Each channel processes a different range of frequencies so the hearing aids can be tuned for your individual hearing loss. The more channels the hearing aid has, the more finely it can be tuned.


This helps to improve the audibility of higher frequency sounds


Ultrazoom uses binaural microphone technology, to improve both speech capturing and noise cancellation


This feature detects changes in your environment and smoothly adapts your program to retain listening comfort.

Whistleblock, Noiseblock and Windblock

These features are all designed to minimise distortion by eliminating background noise and feedback

Acoustically Optimised Vent (AOV)

This is designed to reduce occlusion (‘blocked up') feeling that some hearing aid users report. It is designed to keep the sound clear and natural.

Although this hearing aid is slightly more basic than the Q90 or Q70, it is still compatible with Phonak's range of wireless accessories allowing you to connect to your everyday devices

Phonak Compilot

This streamer is conveniently worn around the neck and will transmit the sounds directly into your hearing aids when used with the other accessories.

Phonak TV Link S

When used along with your Compilot, this accessory will transmit the sound from your television into the hearing aids. It also doubles as a charger for your Compilot

Phonak MyPilot

This is a simple, one touch display screen remote control that allows you to adjust programmes and volume.


This is a small, handy remote control that can be attached to a key ring


The RemoteMic allows you to enjoy a normal conversation, however noisy the environment may be by streaming the other person's voice directly into your hearing aids.

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