Sensorineural hearing loss

A sensorineural hearing loss is one that affects the nerves in the inner ear. The more the nerves are damaged the greater the hearing loss will be. In addition to affecting the sensitivity or loudness of hearing, a sensorineural loss can also affect the clarity of hearing – meaning that, for example, if a sound such as someone’s voice is loud enough for you to hear you still may not be able to understand clearly what is being said.

Most people will suffer some level of sensorineural hearing loss as they get older. Other common causes are:

  • Long term noise exposure
  • Excessively loud noise – see How Loud Is Too Loud? for more info
  • Genetic
  • Disease or illness – Conditions such as Measles, Mumps, Meningitis and Chlamydia can cause sensorineural losses
  • Medications – are small number of medicines are known to potentially cause hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss is the other type of hearing loss – it affects the middle and outer ear.

A sensorineural hearing loss is almost certainly permanent. If you think you may have a hearing loss then consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

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