Amplicomms Powertel 780 Answerphone

This item is no longer available to purchase.

Amplicomms Powertel 780 Answerphone


PowerTel 780 Highly amplified (40dB) Cordless Big Button Phone with integrated answering machine, minimal distortion and hands free speaker phone.

  • Description

    PowerTel 780 Highly amplified (40dB) Cordless Big Button Phone with integrated answering machine, minimal distortion and hands free speaker phone. Unique personal profile and high frequency boost – this product is available to UK customers only.

    • 2-lines, extra large dot-matrix LCD display, 24×72 dots (one line of numbers and letters and one line of characters) with bright backlit display

    • Incredible brilliant sound with less than 1,5% distortion at full amplification
    • Amplified volume adjustment on handset >40 dB
    • Hearing aid compatible (highest level)
    • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >90 dB
    • Hands free speaker phone
    • Equaliser tone control
    • Automatic high frequency boost
    • Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last 30 incoming numbers
    • Phone book with 200 entries of names and numbers
    • 9 ring tones on handset (incl. 5 polytonic ring tones)
    • Alert function/Alarm
    • Up to 100 hours stand-by operation
    • Up to 10 hours of permanent talk time
    • 3 Direct-Dial memory buttons on handset (1/2/3)
    • DECT-GAP Standard for operation of up to 4 handsets
    • Answering machine with extra large keys
    • 11 min. recording time for incoming calls, spoken menu navigation
    • Listening to messages on handset and base station
    • Announcement of day and time of incoming calls
    • Remote interrogation
    • Outgoing message recording or pre-recorded message
    • Answer only facility
    • 2-digit LED message counter
    • Beeping Pager function (Search for handset)
    • 9 ring tones on base station
    • 5 volume settings plus switch-off function for ring tones on base station
    • Volume amplification button with memory (Boost) on handset for better reception
    • Several users can program their personal volume and tone preference which can be recalled at a touch of a button
    • Extra bright LED for visual alert of incoming calls
    • Hands free talking volume on mobile handset can be set extremely high
    • Headset outlet on handset
    • Audio inductive amplifier (teleloop) on handset
    • Vibration (shaker) outlet on base
    • 24 month warranty

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