GN ReSound / Danalogic Thin Tube

GN ReSound / Danalogic Thin Tube


All GN ReSound thin tube products after around 2008-2009 use the screw fit ReSound Thin Tube. (Apart from SureFit tubes that were introduced in January 2015 and are currently only compatible with LiNX². If you require a SureFit tube please email us with

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    All GN ReSound thin tube products after around 2008-2009 use the screw fit ReSound Thin Tube. (Apart from SureFit tubes that were introduced in January 2015 and are currently only compatible with LiNX². If you require a SureFit tube please email us).

    The ReSound Thin Tube is compatible with ReSound Alera BTE thin tube, ReSound Verso thin tube, ReSound Vea, ReSound Live, ReSound Azure, ReSound Plus5, ReSound Xplore, ReSound Ziga and ReSound Essence thin tube products (Not RIE products like Alera RIE or Dot).

    NHS supplied Danalogic i-Fit 61 and 71 (not the older Danalogic 6 series) are thin tube products that also use the ReSound Thin Tube. (Please note that if you are wearing this model of hearing aid with thick tubing you will not be able to swap to thin tubing without adjustments being made to how the hearing aids are programmed. You also may not even be suitable for thin tubing because of your type of hearing loss and we advise you to consult with your local NHS department in the first instance if this is the case).

    N.B. The ReSound Sound Tube is ReSound Air and ReSound Pulse compatible and has a pop on fitting. The ReSound Flex Tube is compatible with thin tube products like Metrix and Canta, and the older NHS Danalogic 6 series. These products were supplied up to around 2008-2009, if you need Sound Tubes or Flex Tubes please contact us in the first instance for advice.

    Please ensure you know the correct size and depth (the numbers and letters will be printed in red (for right ear) and blue (for left ear) on your existing tubing.

    Please select from the drop down menus the size of tube and the side you require.

    If you are unsure please contact us with your model of hearing aid (with serial number if you have it) for advice before placing your order. Please be careful to make sure you know which size you are ordering as we can’t accept tubes back that have been used due to hygiene considerations.

    Price for a single tube is £5.95 and £19.95 for a 5 pack.

    Domes are here , hearing aid not included!


    Is your BTE hearing instrument breaking down due to dust, sweat or moisture? Have you ever lost a hearing aid? Does wind noise drive you crazy? Avoid all this, be pro-active and choose

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