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NanoCare Cerustop Wax Guards

NanoCare Cerustop Wax Guards


Cerustop Nanocare Wax Guards (packs of 8 ). Common on Phonak, Widex and Unitron hearing aids. Also suitable for some Oticon RITE hearing aids using Litetips and MicroMoulds.

  • Description

    Keep harmful earwax out of your hearing aids

    Cerustop Nanocare Wax Guards (packs of 8 ). Commonly used with Phonak, Widex and Unitron hearing aids. Also suitable for some Oticon RITE hearing aids using Litetips and MicroMoulds.

    ReSound RIE products that have S and HP2 receiver wires use cerustops too, NP, HP and LP receiver wires use  HF3 filters .

    Replaces Phonak C-Stop which has been withdrawn. Can be considered an upgrade for the older standard Cerustop wax guards. They have the additional benefit of being moisture repellent, will fit any hearing aid previously using standard cerustops.

    Hearing aids and earwax

    Hearing aids are usually in a pretty hostile environment - your ears! It is hot and sweaty in there and, for many people, there is some ear wax too. Hearing aids need some care to keep them in good working order, a bit part of that care is making sure that they are clear of wax. An in-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aid will have a wax filter in them, which is located at the end of the hearing aid that sits deepest in your ear and is a thin mesh which blocks any wax coming out of your ear.

    The wax filter should be changed to make sure it doesn't have a lot of wax built up against it, this will stop you from hearing so well as any sounds coming in to your ear are having to travel through a layer of wax. How often does the filter need changing? Depends on how much wax you produce, if you aren't sure ask your hearing aid provider. 

    How to change a cerustop hearing aid wax filter




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