Oticon Connectline Microphone

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Oticon Connectline Microphone


Connectline Microphone – Improve speech recognition by streaming voice straight into your Oticon hearing aids.

  • Description

    With the ConnectLine Microphone, you can finally participate and interact in some of life’s most important situations – on equal terms with everyone else.

    Demanding listening situations such as crowded or noisy environments often make understandable communication impossible.

    Some will typically develop different coping strategies to handle such situations or try to avoid them all together. ConnectLine Microphone changes this.

    ConnectLine Microphone (requires Streamer version 1.4 or Streamer Pro) is a discreet microphone that connects wirelessly to the Streamer and lets you enjoy clear and private one-to-one communication in challenging listening environments.

    Listening performance is dramatically improved where one-to-one conversations before were difficult or even impossible.

    How ConnectLine Microphone works

    The discreet microphone is worn by your conversation partner and connects wirelessly to the Streamer, allowing you to hear the other person’s voice clear and loud directly through your hearing instruments.

    ConnectLine Microphone picks up your partner’s voice, filters out surrounding noise and transmits wirelessly, directly to the Streamer at a distance of up to 15 metres.

    The Connectline Microphone ships with a UK mains charger and can also be charged via a USB to mini USB charger.

    NB. The Oticon Connectline products need to be paired to your Oticon hearing aids for them to work. Either you will need to arrange for this locally (you may be charged a fee for this service), or alternatively if you can ship your hearing aids to us we will pair the devices to your hearing aids and return your hearing aids at the same time as the purchased item. There is no charge for this service. Please note we can’t pair NHS hearing aids to these accessories as NHS Oticon hearing aids are locked and we can’t pair or program them. Connectline does not work with all hearing aids in the Oticon range, our suggestion is that you contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.

    If you are purchasing a Connectline Microphone to add to an existing already paired Streamer you can pair this device to your Streamer yourself via Bluetooth pairing without the help of a hearing professional.

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