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Phonak ComPilot / TV Link Bundle

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Phonak ComPilot / TV Link Bundle

£329.00 - £357.00

Phonak ComPilot / TV Link S Bundle - Wirelessly connect your Phonak hearing aids to to phones, TVs and other devices for the best hearing experience

  • Description

    The ComPilot and TV Link from Phonak allow you to stream superb-quality audio directly from your mobille phone, TV, laptop, iPad, MP3 player and other devices directly in to your hearing aid. This makes listening much easier as you blocking out any background noises and having the sound from your device played directly in to your ear, with no distractions from other sounds.

    "I can use the telephone with confidence, I can listen to music on an iPod, and I can hear speech and dialogue really clearly on TV. I’d simply be lost without them now."

    Get the most from your TV, music player and other devices with improvd speech understanding and clear audio by turning your hearing aids into wireless headphone with the ComPilot and TV Link. The wireless sounds can be streamed up to a distance of 30 metres (100 ft) so you are free to move around whilst not missing a thing.



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