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Phonak PilotOne Remote Control

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Phonak PilotOne Remote Control

£155.00 - £165.00

Phonak PilotOne and PilotOne II – Remote control for Phonak hearing aids. Control your hearing aid volume and other features without having to fiddle with your ear!

  • Description


    The latest remote control for the Phonak range has two versions – PilotOne and PilotOne II. PilotOne works with the Phonak Spice and Phonak Quest range of hearing instruments. PilotOne II works with the newest Phonak Venture range introduced in 2015. These remote controls are not suitable for the previous Core range

    The Phonak PilotOne controls volume adjustments, you can toggle between programs and the PilotOne includes a handy ‘Home’ button to put your hearing aid settings back to the start positions. The PilotOne’s simple interface makes it really easy to use.

    Compatibility for PilotOne includes Phonak Ambra, Solana, Cassia, Audeo S Smart, Naida S, Naida S CRT and petite models in the same that have a telecoil. Also Phonak Virto Q, Audeo Q and Bolero Q.

    Compatibility for PilotOne II includes Phonak Audeo V.

    The majority of petite models will work but sometimes space considerations mean the telecoil has been removed if remote control facility is initially thought to be not required. The PilotOne will not work with Phonak Audeo Smart, Audeo S Mini, Audeo Mini. If unsure please contact us.


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