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Phonak Smartguard Wax Filters

Phonak Smartguard Wax Filters


Phonak Smartguards wax protectors - stop wax from getting in to, and ruining, your Phonak hearing aids.

  • Description

    Phonak Smartguard wax protectors, keeps wax out of your hearing aids, which helps them to stay in perfect working order for longer. Utilising a membrane that protects your hearing aids against wax and moisture.

    Phonak smartguards are used with many Phonak hearing aids products.

    Changing the Phonak Smartguard on your hearing aid

    Earwax and hearing aids

    Earwax can stop your hearing aid from working as well as it can. A build up of earwax on the aid means any sounds have to travel through a layer of wax before getting in to your ear - which can reduce the sound's volume and make it more muffled and difficult to hear and understand. The filter itself is located on the end of the hearing aid that sits deepest in to your ear and is quick and easy to change. Smartguard filters come with a set of tools which make it quick and simple to replace the filter, no fiddling about and no hassle.

    How often should I change the wax filters?

    Different people produce different amounts of wax, so some people will need to change the filters often, others less frequently. When you take your hearing aids out at night have a look at its smallest end (the bit that goes right in to your ear), the filter itself is a white mesh, so if the end if white and clean you are OK, if it is looking a bit brown and dirty or you cannot see any white mesh then it is probably time to change the filter.

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Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids

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