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Phonak TV Link II Base Station

We can only deliver this product in the United Kingdom.

Phonak TV Link II Base Station


Phonak TV Link II – enjoy watching TV again, have the audio sent straight to your Phonak hearing aids, hear what is being said with superb sound quality directly in your ears.

  • Description

    This dedicated Phonak TV solution offers a great listening experience when watching TV. It streams the audio from your television directly in to your Phonak hearing aids, giving you better understanding of speech and optimal sound quality - enjoy the TV again with effoterless listening. True plug and play and one-step set-up make it ready to go in less than 60 seconds.

    Use this product with a Phonak ComPilot / Compilot II / ComPilot Air II and wirelessly stream TV audio directly into your hearing aids. Also doubles up as a charger for your Compilot / ComPilot II when not in use. (*Does not fit a ComPilot Air for charging purposes but WILL still stream to it, you just need to charge a ComPilot Air II separately).

    The Phonak TVLink II basestation used with a Compilot / ComPilot II / ComPilot Air II turns wireless Phonak hearing instrument into a lightweight wireless headset. The TVLink II has a charging slot which is specially adapted for the ComPilot / ComPilot II*. The TVLink II base station wirelessly sends audio signals from the TV or any other audio source to the ComPilot within a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft.). StereoSound provides a great listening experience as well as a short transmission delay ensuring listening pleasure even for open fittings. TV Link II has the benefit over TV Link S in that it accepts a digital audio input, the TV Link S does not. This device can be used in place of the TV Link S

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