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Unitron uTV 2 TV Streamer

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Unitron uTV 2 TV Streamer


Use your Unitron hearing aids as wireless headphones to listen to the TV with crystal-clear audio and easy to understand speech.

  • Description

    If your family members are complaining you’re turning up the volume of the TV to an uncomfortably high level, it’s time to consider a better approach. uTV 2 is an easy-to-use, system that gives you full control over the volume of your TV listening experience. You hear clear audio directly through your hearing instruments without having to turn up the volume for everyone else.

    Here’s how it works:

    • uTV 2 connects to your TV with one cable and wirelessly sends audio to the uDirect 2. It also acts as a charger for uDirect 2.
    • uDirect 2 receives the audio from your TV and sends it wirelessly to your Unitron wireless hearing aids.

    uTV 2 is compatible with Unitron’s Quantum Era hearing aids.(Not the newest Unitron North hearing aids). If unsure please ask.

    The Unitron uTV 2 basestation used with uDirect 2 turns any wireless Unitron hearing instrument into a lightweight wireless headset. The uTV 2 has a charging slot which is specially adapted for the uDirect 2. The uTV 2 basestation wirelessly sends audio signals from the TV or any other audio source to the uDirect 2 within a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft.). StereoSound provides a great listening experience as well as a short transmission delay ensuring listening pleasure even for open fittings.

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