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Widex RIC / RIE Receiver Wires

Widex RIC / RIE Receiver Wires


Replacement Receivers for Widex receiver-in-canal and receiver-in-ear type hearing aid models

  • Description

    To work out which product to order you need to note which size of speaker wire and type of receiver you are using – on the clear housing of the speaker wire next to the white receiver housing (or in the case of the newer ‘Easywear’ receivers the clear plastic housing that clips the wire to your hearing aid) you will see a tiny number, it is quite difficult to see. Blue denotes a left wire, red denotes a right wire and the number itself is the size of the wire. Also you will see a number 1 or a letter S, M or P on the white housing of the receiver, this denotes the type of receiver that you are using.

    As a general rule most Widex Passion will have a 1 on the white housing of the receiver, and most in the Widex Clear and Dream range will have either an S, M or a P but this is not always the case.

    Widex Passion Type 1 Speaker Wire and Receiver is supplied pre-assembled. (Unlike other manufacturers Widex supply speaker wires for the older Type 1 Widex Passion separately from the receivers and a special tool is required to connect the two parts, quite a fiddly job for the average person). To simplify things we supply the Type 1 speaker wires and receivers as a whole pre-assembled unit.

    All other Widex RIC Speaker Wires (S, M and P) now supplied come as a single piece and are called ‘Easywear’ wires. Easywear wires are a new design, smaller, more contoured and designed to be more robust.

    It is a very easy process to remove the old speaker wire and replace with a new one, simply tug the speaker wire gently away from the body of the hearing aid vertically and the wire should detatch fairly easily. To put the new speaker wire onto your hearing aid the pins on the new speaker wire simply slot straight into the top of the hearing aid in the same slot you have just removed your old speaker wire from.

    For a useful video showing this process click

    Please select from the drop down boxes the type of receiver, tube / wire size, and the side you require.

    NB. Please take extra care to make sure you are ordering the correct item, even if not used Widex will not accept returns on these products from us, we are happy to help if you are unsure. (We’d rather you contacted us than guess the product and it be incorrect!).

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