The Latest and Best Hearing Aids For 2018, The Ultimate Insider Review

What Are The Best Hearing Aids on The Market?

As has been our custom over the last couple of years, we thought it was about time that we started detailing the best hearing aids available for 2018. This article, like the ones that have preceded it, will be a living document that is constantly updated. Already this year we have seen some exciting announcements about new hearing aid technology from Starkey. Elsewhere on the blog, I have discussed hearing aid innovations in 2018 that I think will change everything. Here though, I think my job is to keep you abreast of the very latest and best hearing aids available from the big hearing aid brands.

This article will change as time goes by and more stuff is introduced this year. Initially, I will detail the latest platforms available from each manufacturer. Then, as announcements are made about new introductions they will be added to the top of the article. So, here we go.

Unitron Moxi All

In late February Unitron announced the introduction of the Moxi All, a new Made For Any Phone hearing aid on the Tempus platform. The hearing aid is very interesting, not only is it a Made For All, it is also a rechargeable hearing aid. I think that this move by Unitron is a little stroke of genius, the Bluetooth protocol that is used to provide the connection to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone is quite power hungry. Using a rechargeable system to power the aids means that users won't have any issues with power consumption and short-lived traditional hearing aid batteries.  

Moxi All

A Headset Approach

The main pro here apart from the fact that it will connect to any phone is that the Moxi All will act just like a Bluetooth headset. They have been designed to allow you to both answer and refuse phone calls with a touch of the button on the hearing aids. They will also act to stream the call to the aids and to stream your voice back to the caller. Simply put, as with the Audeo B-Direct, you won't need to touch your phone, it could be twenty feet away and you can still take a call and speak to the caller without ever needing to look for it.

No Streaming Music From Your Phone

Unfortunately, the Moxi All will not allow you to stream music or audiobooks from your phone. While for some this won't be an issue, for others it might. Otherwise, the Moxi All looks like a really solid device that will be available at a range of price points. 

Phonak Naida Belong

In February, Phonak introduced the Naida Belong hearing aid range. The much-awaited upgrade of their hearing aid range for profound hearing loss. I have heard elsewhere the Naida described as a Dynasty. I thought to myself that is a good description. The new range comes in three models, two traditional BTE devices and a rechargeable Reciever In Canal model. That is the first ever rechargeable hearing aid in this niche offering. The Naida has been the go-to hearing aid for people with severe to profound hearing loss for many years. This latest upgrade looks sure to ensure that remains so. 

Naida Belong Range

Three Models, Four Levels of Tech, All The Latest Features 

There are three hearing aid models, two of them come across the four levels of tech while the Rechargeable Naida is only available in the top three levels. They have all of the latest features from the Belong range but offer a new proprietary fitting formula called Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast. Phonak say that the new formula offers real benefits to some people who have real difficulty with hearing speech sounds. In essence, the formula should really contrast the consonant sounds from the vowel sounds in speech to allow better understanding. 

You can read more about the Naida Belong range here

Starkey Muse iQR

In january, Starkey announced the introduction of a new addition to their Muse iQ range of hearing aids. They said that they were introducing a brand new rechargeable hearing aid to the range and that it would be available from February. 

First Rechargeable CROS Hearing Aid

Muse iQR

The Muse iQR hearing aids are now available, they are built on Starkey’s latest Synergy® platform and Acuity™ OS operating system. They are a Lithium-Ion based rechargeable hearing aid device and they will offer 30 hours of use with streaming, full-day charging in less than three hours, a portable charging case for rapid 15-minute and “weekend” charges, a telecoil and finally, a CROS rechargeable system for individuals with a single-sided hearing loss.

20% Longer, The Smallest, First CROS

Starkey says that the aids have 20% more power than their competitors offering longer run time than anyone else. They also say that the Muse iQR is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market, whether that is the smallest Lithium-Ion rechargeable or just the smallest rechargeable, I am unsure. This is also the first rechargeable CROS device suitable for people with single-sided deafness.  

Signia Nx Hearing Aids

 Signia introduced their new hearing aid platform the Nx in late 2018.  The latest platform from Signia has three hearing aid models at three levels of technology. They are all behind the ear type models with two RICs and one traditional BTE, they are all also  Made For iPhone hearing aids. Signia is just introducing a multi-functional streamer that will allow streaming from Android phones. 

Three Models, Three Levels of Tech

As I said, there are three models initially available across three levels of technology. As is the norm with their tech levels naming system, the levels are the premium 7, the mid-range 5 and the entry level 3. The models themselves are two Receiver In Canal devices and a BTE. Unfortunately, they have not released either a rechargeable version of this new technology nor have they introduced custom in the ear devices. 

Signa Px Hearing Aids

The Primax from Signia is still available and it offers a full range of hearing aid types. However, it is an older hearing aid platform and while an excellent offering, If I were you, I would choose the Nx every time. It is a superior offering and it provides the very best features and technology that Signia has to offer.


The Nx also offers the most in-depth remote care system available on the market right now. It allows real-time updates of your hearing aids while you are talking to your professional via video call. No one else is offering this yet.  

Signia NX models

Accompanying App

Signia has also offered an accompanying app called myControl which gives the user deeper control over the hearing aids. The app might not be for everyone, however, it will be a welcome addition for those that like the idea.

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Tired of the blah

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

Oticon has slowly introduced the Opn range to the market over the last year and it now stands at three models, one of which is a rechargeable hearing aid. Again, this is a Made For iPhone hearing aid range and they have introduced a cool little multi-functional streamer called the Connect-Clip which allows streaming from Android phones. When Oticon introduced this range, it was obvious from what they were saying that it was different than anything they had introduced before.

Old world of hearing aids and the new world

They have spoken about the old closed world of hearing aids and how the new devices will open your world. Having worn them, I think they are different from anything that has come before. The directionality system that Oticon uses with the Opn is fantastic and it offers excellent performance in noisy situations. Their Open Sound Navigator system really seems to offer a different experience than any I have ever tried. I think it will take experienced users a little time to get used, new users will know no better. 

Three amazing products 

Three Levels of Technology

The range currently comes in three levels of technology, the premium Opn 1, the mid-level Opn 2 and the entry level Opn 3. The devices are also suitable for multiple hearing losses from mild all the way to severe to profound. As I think you can guess, the Opn range has no custom in the ear hearing aids available. I believe they are coming in 2018. 

Accompanying App

Oticon has also offered an accompanying app called the Oticon On app which gives the user deeper control over the hearing aids. Again, apps might not be for everyone, however, it will be a welcome addition for those that like the idea of having more power over the hearing.

There are custom hearing aids available on the older platform from Oticon, but as I have said already if I was you, I would simply swallow my pride and go for one of the new Opns. You will not be sorry.  

Resound 3D Hearing Aids 

In 2017 GN Resound introduced their latest Made For iPhone hearing aid platform 3D. They first introduced the LiNX 3D range which is a full line up of hearing aids including RIC, BTE and ITE hearing aid models. I have worn the devices and been exceptionally impressed with them. They quickly followed with the launch of their Enzo 3D range which is aimed at people with severe to profound hearing loss. The Enzo 3D has two power BTE models to choose from. 


The 3D also offers an in-depth remote care system, it will allow you to request changes from your app and your professional can make changes and send them back to your hearing aid.  Your professional can make really in-depth changes to your hearing aids and it could be used as a real-time system.  However, it isn't as functional as the Signia system.

Resound Enzo 3D Super Power Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Range

Resound introduced their Made For iPhone Super Power range the Enzo 3D in 2017. The technology within the range is based on their fantastic LiNX 3D range and they will offer all of the features and the benefits of that platform including the latest features and their telecare system. 

Resound Enzo 3DResound Enzo 3D Hearing Aids

They have updated the Enzo Made For iPhone (MFI) hearing aids with their new 3D platform which brings the benefits of that system to people with severe and profound hearing loss. Those benefits include better spatial awareness and much better speech understanding in noise. With Made for iPhone® technology, you can stream phone calls, music and more from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch® directly to your hearing aids. If you have an Android or any Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can still stream calls, music and more with a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+ wireless accessory. 

Connect directly to Apple products with the Enzo 3D

Vibrant and crystal clear sound

Like the LiNX 3D range from ReSound, Enzo 3D hearing aids come with the superior sound quality of Surround Sound by ReSound. They work together, continuously exchanging data about your sound environment for optimized performance. There are two hearing aid models available in three levels of technology, the top of the range 9, the 7 and the 5. 


LiNX 3D Hearing Aids

LiNX 3D line up

GN Resound finally updated it's Made For iPhone hearing aids by introducing the new LiNX 3D hearing Aid range in 2017. The new range is just that, a full line up of models (twelve) including a rechargeable RIC hearing aid, in three levels of technology. Both I and Steve (Co-Writer here) have worn them and I have to say that both of us like them a lot.

The App, Resound Smart 3D

The accompanying app for both the Enzo and the LiNX 3D ranges allows you personalise your hearing experience in a deeper way. It has been re-designed to be more intuitive and easier to use and it offers real control. While this might not be for everyone, for those who want it, it will enrich their experience.

You can read more about the LiNX 3D models in our article LiNX 3D, The Models & Features You Can Expect From The Latest GN Resound Made For iPhone Range and you can take a fuller look at the plain language explanations of the features at The Linx 3D, The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Technology.

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Phonak Belong Hearing Aids

Phonak introduced the full Belong range last year, it is their latest hearing aid platform and it replaces the Venture range. The Belong range is a full line of hearing aids with RICs, BTEs and ITEs. It includes two types of rechargeable hearing aids, a rechargeable RIC and a rechargeable BTE. It is also the only hearing aid platform with a titanium hearing aid and a Made For Any Phone hearing aid. The Belong range is available in four levels of technology the B90, the B70, the B50 and the entry level B30, and they have all been well received. Let's take a look at them. 

The Phonak Audeo Belong Range
Audeo Belong Range

Audeo Belong Hearing Aids

The Audeo is the name Phonak uses as the designation for their Reciever In Canal hearing aids. The range was originally made up of five hearing aids which included a Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aid. With the addition of the newer Audeo Belong-Direct, the new Made For Any Phone hearing aid it is now six. While the Audeo range is available across four levels of technology, the rechargeable and the Made For Any Phone devices are only available across the top three levels of technology. 

Virto B-Titanium

Virto Belong Hearing Aids

Virto is the name that Phonak uses to designate their in the ear hearing aids. The range is made up of seven custom hearing aids if you include the Virto B Titanium. The devices are available across the four levels of technology with the exception of the Titanium which is only available in the top two levels of technology. 

Bolero Belong Hearing Aids

Bolero is the name that Phonak uses as a designation for their behind the ear hearing aids. The Bolero range is a full model line up with four models. They include the B-M, the B-P, the B-SP, and the rechargeable B-PR. The Bolero range is available across four levels of technology, however, the rechargeable Bolero is only available across the top three levels of technology. 

As I said, the Belong range has been well received and I have found it to be excellent. I have one or two customers using Audeo B50 hearing aids and I am exceptionally impressed with their function. 

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