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One of our partners in Leicester recently had a great review of the Widex Unique 440. Hear4u in Leicester had fitted a customer with a pair of hearing aids from the range and some wireless accessories. He was kind enough to give them some really great feedback. 

Widex Unique 440 Review

Widex Unique hearing aidsThe customer was an experienced hearing aid user coming from different hearing aids. So he had a fair idea what he was speaking about in relation to any advances in benefit. He started by saying that the Unique 440 was a massive improvement on his old set, he singled out the wind noise feature for particular praise. 

He also mentioned that the changes that occurred in the aids as he moved from sound situation to sound situation were seamless and delivered effortless listening. 

Wireless accessories

Widex Dex Family

He was pretty taken by the wirless accessories in particular the TV Dex and the Phone Dex. Although the Com Dex came in for some praise as well as he was using it and an app on his iPhone to control the hearing aids and stream mobile phone calls and music. 

9.75 out of 10 is not a bad score

The final score he gave them was 9.75 out of 10, and that was just because he missed a physical volume button on the hearing aids. Something I believe he may have been used to from his old hearing aids. This type of review has to be seen as helpful, when experienced hearing aid users review technology you can be sure that they have good reference points and they know what they are talking about. 

A well done for Hear4u

The review wasn't all about the technology, the customer acknowledged the effort and skill put in by the staff at Hear4u to help him get to where he is now. A review like this shows the relationship between high technology hearing aids and the fitting and rehabilitation skills of a good hearing health care professional, something that Sam Bennett and her team are. You can see the original review here.


You can read more about Widex hearing aids here. As always, if you have any questions about hearing aids, hearing care or hearing professionals, give us a shout. 

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