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A small victory

I took our car into a garage for repair today. After dropping the keys off at the service desk I went and sat in their waiting room – it wasn’t really a room as such, just a ring of chairs in the corner of a large open-plan showroom. There were three of us sat in there. After about 15 minutes or so of waiting, the garage receptionist appeared at the opposite end of the waiting area to me and asked if anyone would like tea of coffee. I heard her every word. The other two waiting for their cars said they didn’t and the receptionist then looked over at me – it went like this:

me: I’d love a coffee, please.

her: Milk or sugar?

me: Just milk, thanks.

her: OK, won’t be a minute.

Nothing special there, except for one small thing: I heard every single word she said. I didn’t have to fill in the gaps that I didn’t hear. I didn’t have to pretend I’d heard. I’m hoping that I came across as a normal, sane human being during this conversation because even though I was sitting relaxed in my chair I was DOING CARTWHEELS OF PURE JOY inside! It’s rare that a conversation is that easy, at that distance too, in an open-plan room. While I was responding calmly with, “just milk, please” my brain was all HELL YEAH! and was doing imaginary fist pumps and high fives.

I’m finally getting settled in with my new AudioSync iSyncs and am reaping the benefits from them. To the people emailing me for an iSync review: Sorry, I’ve been lazy, but it’s coming!