A Review of the Bernafon Zerena 9, good hearing aids

I talked a couple of weeks ago about being an idiot in relation to pre-conceived ideas about Bernafon hearing aids. I liked what I heard from the Bernafon representative in relation to their software so I said I would have a go of the hearing aids. I have to say they are pretty good kit and I have been blindsided by the Soundclip-A, I mean it is a revelation.

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A Review of my Daily Experience With Moxi All

In this the final article of the Moxi All series, I review my daily experience and offer a round up of the hearing aids. I have to say I liked them a lot, they are versatile, offer a pretty good phone experience and Unitron have been very smart with the development and positioning of them.

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Reviewing the Audeo B-50, A pretty Solid Hearing Aid

I have had some experience recently with the Audeo B-50 and have a couple of customers using the devices. In general, it seems that the devices have performed above expectations. They seem like a pretty solid hearing aid delivering very decent results considering their technology level.

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My Experiences of Streaming With The Moxi All

I have been using the Moxi All for a while now and it has proven to be a pretty solid hearing aid. In this article I talk about my day to day streaming experience, the joy of hands free phone calls and the outstanding audio experience from the TV Connector.

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My first impressions of the Moxi All, pretty cool devices

I got my hands on a set of Unitron Moxi All hearing aids just recently, I have to say they are nice devices. I like the design, the thirteen battery system doesn't add much bul or weight, they have been pretty intelligent with the design of the rechargeable battery door. Overall, they are pretty nice hearing aids.

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Signia 7 Nx hearing aids, Pure 312 7 Nx, Everyday Performance

I have enjoyed wearing the new Signia Nx hearing aids over the last week, they perform as well if not better than any beamforming hearing aid I have worn up to now. The addition of the myControl app and the ability to narrowly focus the directionality offers outstanding hearing ability in really complex sound situations. Let's talk about everyday experience with the Signia Pure 312 7 Nx.

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A review of the latest Signia 7 Nx hearing aids, Pure 312 7 Nx

I have been wearing a set of Signia Pure 312 7 Nx hearing aids for the last week and I am pretty impressed. Svelte, easy to wear, great in noise, connects directly to your iPhone and little or no problems with your own voice. Wait, there's more, let's talk about the latest Signia hearing aids.

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My experiences with Oticon's OpenSound Navigator

Oticon's Opn hearing aids have an OpenSound Navigator feature, which replaces conventional directional microphones

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Using Oticon Opn hearing aids with iPad and iPhone

I'm using the

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Ruth gives a run down on her experience with Oticon Spirit

Ruth discusses her experience with the Oticon Spirit Synergy, the aid supplied to her by the NHS. Geoff also explains why her SSHL may be responsible for much of the problems.

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Superb hearing in restaurant with Oticon OPNs

Tested out Oticon's OPN hearing aids in restaurants and was very pleased at being able to hear people around my table very clearly

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There has been a lot of fuss about the Eargo, but how good is it?

Eargo devices have been around for a while, the company has even launched an updated Eargo Plus. What can you expect from the devices, do they live up to the hype, and just how good are they?

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Halo 2 Made For iPhone Hearing Aids, How Good Are They?

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GN ReSound Linx 3D Review - Bluetooth connectivity

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GN ReSound Linx 3D Review - Performance in every day use

You shouldn't really notice that a good hearing aid is in your ear. By that I mean: if a hearing aid is working really well you should be hearing comfortably in all situations and you shouldn't notice the hearing aid doing anything other than delivering a natural sound to you.

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GN ReSound Linx 3D Review - What's in the box?

I have the receiver-in-the-ear model, this is the first time I have worn this type of hearing aid, they've been available for a while, from all the major brands, but I think they were targetted mainly at people with mild to moderate hearing losses but as technology has improved they are now available for severe hearing losses like mine.

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Hands-on review of GN ReSound's Linx 3D hearing aid

I've been wearing a pair of GN ReSound's Linx 3D hearing aids for about a month now and am very happy with them. I have been wearing heaing aids for over 25 years but this is my first pair from ReSound - I was a little worried I might find it difficult to switch to a new style of sound after being so used to wearing other brands but the Linxs have been easy to wear and have sounded completely natural.

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