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Tinnitus Conference Report From Scottish Tinnitus Expert Alan Hopkirk

Alan Hopkirk, a Tinnitus Expert with a Practice in Glasgow, Scotland recently attended the Tinnitus Research Initiative conference in Regensburg, Germany. He did a video report which outlines his experience and the latest findings in Tinnitus Research which you can see here.

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Anxiety, Tinnitus & The Possible Vicious Circle of Anti-Depressants

A new study by researchers at OHSU published recently has come to the conclusion that Anti-Depressants may in fact make Tinnitus worse, increasing anxiety as opposed to treating it.

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Tinnitracks application helps to relieve your tinnitus

Tinnitracks helps to relieve your tinnitus by playing specially crafted music to you. The music is modified to suit your specific tinnitus and is backed by scientific research.

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Help Deafness Research UK shape the future of tinnitus research

Deafness Research UK is inviting you to take part in a tinnitus survey which will help set the priorities for future research into this distressing and little understood condition. Despite ongoing research in the UK and other countries there are still many unanswered questions about tinnitus assessment, diagnosis and treatment. By contributing your views you can help set the agenda for future research and ensure that scarce funds are used to

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Is hypnosis/hypnotherapy a good way to treat tinnitus?

The most common form of tinnitus (subjective tinnitus) is where only the sufferer can hear the noise – i.e. there is no noise being produced by the physical body, it’s all the mind. Common suggestions to alleviate tinnitus include TRT, de-stressing, noise therapy and relaxation techniques like yoga. Most of the recommended treatments for tinnitus involve the brain. TRT involves training the brain to stop perceiving the noise, noise therapy

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Company claims it has launched the first pharmaceutical cure for tinnitus

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals announced that it has introduced the first injection pharmaceutical cure for tinnitus in India. Using the brand name Tinnex, the injection utilizes the Caroverine molecule, which was developed by Lincoln Pharma under a licensing arrangement and technical collaboration with Phafag AG, Switzerland. According to the company, cochlear synaptic tinnitus is the most common cause of tinnitus and is due to disturbed interplay of

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Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is a treatment that aims to reduce the perceived loudness and severity of tinnitus. Tinnitus isn’t a disease and TRT isn’t a cure as such, it is perhaps better described as a way to train someone not to hear the ringing in their ear any more or at least to be less aware and less irritated by it. TRT uses a combination of counselling and sound therapy. Sound therapy is the creation of background sounds that, when

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Tinnitus Awareness Week 6th-12th February 2012

Tinnitus awareness week 2012, which is run by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), runs from 6th – 12th February. The theme this year is Raising Awareness in Primary Care. The main goals of the week are to: A survey published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, May 2011 showed that around 750,000 people visit their GP each year with tinnitus and the advice they receive varies dramatically. The hope is that raising awareness

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Me and Tinnitus

y hearing loss was first noticed when I was about 5 years old and I’ve been wearing hearing aids more or less since then. I didn’t wear aids much in my early-mid teens as I was too worried about looking cool – since the age of 19 o so I haven’t gone a single day without wearing them, I’m 37 now. I also have tinnitus in my right ear. I remember having it around my late teens and early twenties but then it went away completely for about 7-12 years

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The drug that could end the misery of tinnitus

A drug pump which is implanted in the ear is the latest approach for tackling tinnitus. It works by releasing a powerful new medicine that calms the overactive nerves thought to cause the condition. Tinnitus is a ringing, whistling, buzzing or hissing noise heard for no obvious reason. It may be constant, or come and go. It is estimated that about 15million people in the UK experience tinnitus at some time. For 10 to 15 per cent of sufferers,

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Digital Audio Used for Treatment of Tinnitus

A company called Neuromonics believes it has developed an audio device that can treat people suffering from ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus. Using an audio player that over time changes the way it plays music and accompanying sounds, the firm already offers its service in number of clinics, reports today’s Wall Street Journal: For the first two months, the music mix includes a noise, which some describe as water in a shower, to cover the

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus (pronounced ti-NIGHT-us or TIN-i-tus) is the name given to the perception of a non-existent sound. People who suffer from tinnitus will experience a noise “in their ear” or “in their head” – this is commonly a ringing, buzzing, humming or whislting noise but sufferers may report hearing other noises such as ocean waves, insects or music. The word tinnitus comes from the Latin word tinnire, which means “to ring”.

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