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Wear & Hear To Release New Hearing Aid Alternative BeHear Access

Wear & Hear have not rested on their laurels, they continue to introduce new products that are designed to attract people looking for an alternative to traditional hearing aids. Their latest, the BeHear Access will be introduced soon, it's an interesting device. The Access is similar in nature to the original products but they have added a telecoil function.

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Not ready for hearing aids, but still need help hearing sometimes?

We have spoken to many people on Know who have some problems hearing, but they don't feel the handicap is worth the expense of hearing aids. There are alternatives to hearing aids that may well help you hear better in some of the situations that you have a problem. They aren't hearing aids, they most definitely aren't a replacement for hearing aids, but nevertheless, they may well do the job.

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Meet The New Bose Hearing Aid, Quite Like The Old Bose Hearing Aid

Hearing Tracker broke a story on the new Bose hearing aids a couple of days ago, they look remarkably similar to their Hearphones. It looks like the new hearing aid will be similar to the Wear and Hear devices we have discussed already.

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Better Late Than Never, Two New Google Apps For Hard of Hearing

Google is rolling out two new Android apps to help people with hearing loss. The first, Live Transcribe, gives persons with hearing loss live text-to-speech capabilities and the second, Sound Amplifier, amplifies the volume of incoming speech and music.

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Nuheara Launches IQbuds MAX at CES 2019

Nuheara announces the launch of two new products, the IQbuds MAX smart wireless earbuds and the new IQstream TV accessory, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in LasVegas.

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My latest experience with the BeHear Bluetooth Headset

I originally tried the beta version of the BeHear in June, they have now released the product to market and I got to try the finished version recently. They have ironed out the issues and the devices deliver some amazing benefits, let's talk about the BeHear Now.

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The FDA have given an unprecedented approval to Bose

In an unprecedented move, the FDA has given approval to Bose to market a device as a self fitting hearing aid. It means that Bose will be able to sell the devices as hearing aids in the US where state laws allow. The move is unprecedented because the FDA is still in the process of defining what Over The Counter hearing aids will be, and this device will for all intent and purpose be just that.

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NuHeara IQbuds Boost get a new directional microphone upgrade

NuHeara have just pushed out a firmware upgrade for their IQbuds Boost which they are calling Focus. In essence, they just gave users the ability to focus the sound capture to their front, just like any device with directional microphones. The lines between so called hearables and hearing aids are beginning to blur considerably.

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My experiences with the Be-Hear Bluetooth Headset

I have been using Be-Hear headsets for a little while now and I have been exceptionally impressed. These are just the Beta testing version an there are issues, but when they sort them out, they will be pretty amazing.

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A review of the IQbuds Boost, outstanding upgrade to the original

The NuHeara IQbuds Boost have hit the market and I have been using a pair for a little while now, the original devices were excellent and could give people with generally normal hearing a little boost in speech clarity. These devices will actually give people with hearing loss some real clarity with speech. Let's take a look at hwat is different and why you could consider them if you have a hearing loss.

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NuHeara IQBuds, Any Good For Hearing?

I got my hands on a set of IQBuds from NuHeara recently and I have been using them for a couple of weeks. I have to say, I am pretty impressed by the sound quality. I am also impressed by their performance when it comes to hearing processing as they label it. Are they a good replacement for dedicated hearing aids, probably not. However, at under 300 quid they do a pretty good job and they offer excellent audio streaming abilities from your phone. Let's talk about the IQBuds

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Bose Introduces Ear Phones With Hearing Aid Capabilities

Bose has introduced a new product they are calling Hearphones, they are ear phones with hearing aid capabilities. Using directional microphone technology they can focus on speech to the front , allowing the user a better chance to understand conversation in noisy situations. The product has it's own smartphone app which gives user control over how the product is working, interestingly enough, Bose have recently advertised for a research Audiologist to work with their R&D team. Is Bose testing the water for a possible entry into the hearing aid market?

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Oticon Opn S

Whistling hearing aids are a thing of the past, try it for yourself at your nearest hearing aid centre

Simply put, no more whistling, so you can get as close as you like without worrying about the embarassing screech. And with a new lithium-ion rechargeable option and speech understanding on par with normal hearing, you can get on with enjoying life

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