Experimental Injections May Cure Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has a dramatic effect on the people who suffer with it. Clinically, hearing loss has been linked to depression, dementia and emotional distress. It has also been linked to an increase in falls for older people. While hearing aids are really the only treatment for most hearing loss, some new experimental drugs may change that.

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The great fake hearing aid review and why we don't bullshit

The whole ethos of this site is no bullshit, honest, impartial advice given to help people with hearing loss understand their problem and the equipment used to correct it. However, we have been a victim of what we are calling the great fake hearing aid review and we are pretty pissed off. Let's talk about why f@$#wits make sure that we can't have nice things.

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Hearing Aid Funding UK, Access To Work

There are many forms of funding in the UK for hearing aids and hearing aid equipment, Access To Work is one such scheme. If you fit the requirements, you may be eligible for funding for hearing aid equipment to ensure you have access to work, or to keep you in work. Let's talk about access to work.

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Can Ear Wax Removal Cause (insert term here)

Can ear wax removal cause tinnitus, can ear wax removal cause bleeding, can ear wax removal cause hearing loss, can ear wax removal improve hearing? We get asked a lot of questions about ear wax removal, so we decided to wirte an article so that these and other questions are answered

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Meet The New Widex Custom Range, All New Options, Discreet & Powerful

The new Widex Custom is a departure for Widex, a new form factor, new options and a new discreet and powerful hearing aid, let's take a look

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Meet The Oticon ConnectClip

The new ConnectClip from Oticon is one of the first ever audio streaming devices that will act as a remote microphone and a remote control as well. The device will turn your Oticon Opn™ hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with ConnectClip, so you can make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone. Or listen to someone speaking from a distance using its remote microphone functionality. You can even use ConnectClip as a discreet remote control for your hearing aids

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Unitron launched Insera custom hearing aids and a rechargeable BTE

Unitron has launched new custom hearing aids on the Tempus platform that they are calling the Insera, they have also launched a new rechargeable BTE

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Glasgow Tinnitus Support Group Meeting September

The Glasgow Tinnitus Support Group meets on Wednesday the 20th of September, you can find out more details here

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Meet The Linx 3D, What is so Exciting?

So it's here, it's been launched, but what exactly is so exciting? Well, let's take a look at the Linx 3D platform and explore how it delivers, what it delivers. We will do a quick overview of the platform, the styles and the exciting details.

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Is the future self fitting hearing aids?

A recent small scale study undertaken in Australia has shown some interesting results around self fitting of hearing aids. Although the study was probably too small to make wider judgements it does seem to add weight to the idea of self fitting of hearing aids as a viable alternative. As with all things though there are caveats

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Com Dex Remote Mic, Finally Widex To Intro Remote Mic

We came aacross a video recently that indicates that Widex are finally about to introduce a remote microphone. It appears the Com Dex Remote MIc will be introduced shortly, if a new video on Youtube is anything to go by.

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The Most Powerful Invisible Hearing Aid 2016

Our readers like to keep us on our toes here, recently we were asked which is the most powerful invisible hearing aid available? You know, we didn't know, so after much research, here is what we found out, the most powerful invisible hearing aid is

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Hearing aids of the future, what's possible?

Hearing aids just like the times are a changing, we have seen a flurry of new directions in the very recent past from some of the big manufacturers. Many of the innovations have been influenced by other industries and other technologies. Hearables burst on to the scene a couple of years ago, a completely new product concept they have nevertheless become hugely popular. While they are not hearing aids per se, many of them have the capability of providing amplification. Their focus though up to now has been different, it is all about altered reality, connection and fitness. I believe that innovations within the hearable space will cross over to the hearing aid world. In fact I think it makes sense for both the manufacturers and the users for this to happen. I think the future of hearing aids is going to be a very interesting one, let me explain,

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Don't buy a hearing aid until you read this

When deciding on a hearing aid that is suitable for you and your needs you really need to understand the options you have. Hearing aid features and technology levels can be confusing, there are many features with strange and exotic names from all manufacturers, but what exactly do they do? We set out to explain them clearly, allowing you to understand what the differences are between tech levels, what the hearing aid types are and wht the features actually do.

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Antique ear trumpets

Here’s something you don’t see everyday – an online ear trumpet gallery! The Phisick Antique Medical Collection shows a large range of ear trumpets from the 19th and 20th centuries. Fascinating to see the kind of things people used to help them hear all those years ago. I’m kinda glad technology has moved on a bit since then!

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