The benefits of streaming audio to your hearing aids

As hearing aid technology advances, features that seemed like a pipedream just a few years ago have become reality. Key among these modern hearing aid features is direct streaming – the ability to transmit live audio from a mobile device to your hearing aids. Rather than hearing things like music, TV, and phone calls with sub-optimal sound quality, streaming lets you hear what you want directly from your smartphone to your ears and at the perfect volume.

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Loop systems, telecoils and why you need to think about them

Old technology is not necessarily bad technology, and when it comes to hearing loops and telecoil systems, that statement could not be truer. Let's talk about why you should consider a telecoil in your next set of hearing aids. Even better, if you have one already, get it turned on.

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Wireless Charging of Hearing Aids Coming Soon?

Rechargeable hearing aids have certainly peaked a lot of interest in consumers, up to now though they have all been behind the ear or receiver in canal styles. They are also all based on traditionaal type charger cradle technology. What if completely wireless charging was introduced, would you be interested?

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Sound Classes, The Widex Unique and Following The Herd

When Widex introduced soundclasses with the Unique platform I thought to myself there they go following the herd. Up to the Unique Widex always relied on an outstanding analysis sytem to govern the feature sets of the hearing aids. So the introduction of sound classes just seemed like more marketing rubbish. I am quite glad to admit I was wrong, bigly!

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Resound have released a load of tutorial videos for the Smart 3D app

Resound have released a playlist of video tutorials for new users of the Smart 3D app for their LiNX 3D hearing aids, well worth a look if you are new to them. The tutorials will help you access the full power of the hearing aids.

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The Resound Remote Assist Feature, Your Hearing, Your Way

New hearing aids and a new way to access hearing care, your hearing your way. Resound don't do things by half! So what is Resound Assist and how will it change your hearing experience? Let's take a look.

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New hearing aid tech and what it means for you

We were introduced to Patient Insights from Unitron, a new hearing aid technology that is designed to work with their hearing aids. We think it is important that you understand it and the difference it could make to your experience with hearing aids. We are impressed and the possibilities for the future are staggering, let's talk about Patient Insights.

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New Tech Helps With Best Hearing Aid Choice For You

Unitron have introduced a fantastic new technology called Log It All, it will help you choose the very best hearing aid technology for you, based on real world and real time experiences. We really think that this technology allows you to become truly involved in the process of choosing a hearing solution. It makes you a collaborator, as opposed to an idle participant.

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Review of Starkey’s Voice IQ hearing aid upgrade

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve been wearing a pair of Audiosync iSync hearing aids (also know as Starkey Otolens). On a recent visit to my audiologist I got the opportunity to try out Starkey’s Voice IQ software upgrade and because I didn’t want to send my iSyncs back to Starkey, and be without them for a week, we decided to get the Voice IQ upgrade in my S Series instead.

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Audiosync’s iSync hearing aids: a review

I’ve been wearing a pair of iSyncs for about 4 months now and I thought it was time I reviewed them. The iSyncs are the world’s first IIC (Invisible In the Canal) hearing aids. In the interests of fairness I should let you know that I got the iSyncs for free from Ascent Hearing – this came about when I was visiting their Banbury branch in the summer to have a chat with Michael Nolan. Turned out on the day that they were looking for someone to

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I don’t know what your features mean

I was reading a press release today for a new hearing aid from a well-know manufacturer. It struck me that despite reading the entire thing I had absolutely no idea whether this aid would be good for me. Would it be better than the one I have? How much better? I have no idea. The new aid has features with impressive sounding names like (and I’m making these up as I don’t want to name the brand): All this on the company’s website too. From their

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Phone programmes….. hello? Hello? HELLO?

All modern hearing aids come with a phone programme, it’s a setting that the hearing aid automatically switches to when you put a phone to your ear. The programme normally reduces the volume of the sound coming from the phone and, I think, also reduces pitch to try and eliminate any feedback that might occur from having a phone pressed to your ear. I’ve never been happy with the phone programme on any of my hearing aids.

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Phonak CORE technology

Phonak’s revolutionary chip technology powers three exciting new Digital Wireless Accessories: iCom brings Bluetooth to the hearing impaired; the myPilot command center provides full-color display feedback; and iCube enables totally CableFree Fitting.The CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) technology developed for the chip used in the new Exélia and Naída hearing instruments permits wireless communication between the left and right

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Feedback in hearing aids

Feedback can be a problem for hearing aid wearers. It results in an annoying whistling or squeling sound. A hearing aid has one input: the sound comes in through the microphone. It has one output: the sound goes out of the speaker into the ear drum. But, sound moves in all directions unless something blocks it. Feedback occurs when sound coming out of the speaker travels back into the microphone and is amplified again.

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