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Changing your wax guards on Oticon hearing aids part two

The second part of the changing Oticon wax filters post, when and how to change Receiver In The Ear Hearing aid Wax Guards

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How and when should you change your wax guards on Oticon hearing aids

One of the things I often get asked is when and how should wax guards be changed. The answer, like much in life, isn't simple. In this first of a series of posts I want to look at how and when to change wax guards on Oticon hearing aids. I will also explain which wax guards are suitable for which Oticon hearing aids.

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The Seven Things To Do If your hearing aid gets wet

If your hearing aid gets wet DON’T PANIC! Electronics and water are two things that generally don’t go well together but all is not lost if your aid does get a soaking. I’ve had several that have been waterlogged and have managed to get them working fully again. Things to do if your hearing aid gets wet The important thing to remember is: It is unlikely that you will need to buy a new hearing aid just because it got soaked – electronics are more

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5 tips for looking after your hearing aids

Hearing aids are expensive – buying them is a major investment. Look after them and make sure you get maximum performance from them for as long as possible.

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Hal Hen Dri Aid FAQ

I have had quite a few emalis from people asking about Hal Hen’s dehumidifier products since I posted this. I’ve compiled some of the questions into a short FAQ below: Yes! I have been leaving my Siemens ITEs in the pot overnight twice a week for years and I honestly believe that the dehumidification process has prolonged their life. On a couple of occasions I have got some rain-water in my aid and it has stopped working – a day or two in the

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Hal Hen Super Dri Aid

Hal Hen is an (oddly named) company that supplies many different types of hearing products. Their Super Dri AidTM and Mini Super Dri AidTM are dehumidifiers for your hearing aid. Moisture is very, very bad news for your hearing aid. Dampness, sweat and humidity will shorten the lifespan of your battery and cause it to corrode. You can cause permanent damage to your aid if you allow excessive moisture to build up inside it; dropping it in water

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