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Amazing! Forget your ears and listen with your teeth

This is from a Sonitus Medical press release.

Sonitus Medical Inc, developers of SoundBite, a nonsurgical and removable hearing device to transmit sound via the teeth and bone, has announced the publication of the first peer-reviewed article on its hearing system. “Preliminary Evaluation of a Novel Bone-Conduction Device for Single-Sided Deafness,” has been published in the most recent issue (31:492-497, 2010) of the Otology & Neurotology professional journal.

“The data presented in this initial publication shaped the development of our nonsurgical bone-conduction device,” said Amir Abolfathi, CEO of Sonitus Medical, in a statement. “It laid the groundwork necessary to complete our SoundBite hearing system, which has since been investigated in a clinical trial whose findings have been submitted to the FDA. As part of our sustained commitment to generate good clinical data, we look forward to sharing our clinical trial results in a future publication.”

Gerald R. Popelka, PhD, professor of otolaryngology and chief of the Division of Audiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, Calif, is the article’s lead author. Popelka, who serves on the company’s scientific advisory board, and his coauthors, reported on key measurements of the hearing system related to oral function and oral health, calibration, auditory performance, speech intelligibility, and overall comfort.

You can read it on the Sonitus website, via Hearing Review.